Vicente Garcia, C '17


"Have mercy on me, O God, in your goodness;
in the greatness of your compassion wipe out my offense."

Psalm 51: 3


Sometimes we might think, "I am doing many good things, unlike other people I know (and even unlike myself in the past). What could I possibly have done to offend You, Lord?" And yet remember that one time…in that one place… God loves it when we recognize that the only remedy to our own sinful nature is through His mercy. A central idea to Lent is recognizing our constant struggle with sin and thus our need for God's mercy. What a great blessing it is to have an abundance of graces flowing from heaven; yet what a great sacrifice it was through Jesus' crucifixion to open the floodgates. With this in mind, let us remember our loving Father wants to shower His mercy on us "like spring rains watering the earth," and all we have to do is say, "Lord, I am a sinner. I am imperfect. I'm sorry for those times, past and present, when I have given in to temptation." Then open your heart. Take a chance and trust. Encounter Christ's sacrificial love in the sacraments.


Heavenly Father, I praise You for Your loving mercy which has redeemed us from the eternal fire. Holy Spirit, help me to open my heart and to trust in God. Thank you, Jesus, for being with me at all times. Amen.

Hos 6: 1-6; Ps 51:3-4 & 18-21; Lk 18: 9-14