Victoria Nikole Blandon, C '16


"Straight are the paths of The Lord, the just walk in them, but sinners stumble in them."
Hosea 14:10b


In today's readings there is a general theme that stood out to me: the path of the Lord. God has put a path ahead of us that will lead us to Him. We are on this path until we reach Heaven. There may be times where we may stumble on this path due to the distraction of sin. Though we may stumble, the Lord will never abandon us. He will help us up when we fall; He will take us by the hand and lead us in the right direction. He has done it before so we can trust He will do it again, for all God wants is for us to love Him as much as He loves us. For this reason He will never misguide us. If we trust Him with all of our hearts, it will be easier to navigate away from sin and instead, toward heaven.


Lord, please allow me to stay focused on Your path. Give me the strength to never fall away from You for I trust that You will never lead me astray. Amen.

Hos 14: 2-10; Ps 81: 6-11, 14, 17; Mk 12: 28-34