Tuesday, April 4
Chris Ziegler
Sem. Class of 2022


God is Preparing Us for Glory


“Why have You brought us up from Egypt to die in this desert, where there is no food or water?” -Numbers 21:5


Holiness is hard. Sinful habits die slow deaths. It sometimes feels like God has played a trick on us. In a moment of weakness, we sought His help, and now we find ourselves wandering in a desert of penance and self-denial. We’re tempted to grumble against God and, like the Israelites, to cast a longing glance back toward Egypt.


But how could we forget about the time the Lord heard our cry? We were enslaved to sin. We were in misery. Yet the Lord took pity on us, even though we had no one but ourselves to blame. He heard our groaning and set us free. He did not hide His face.


God will not abandon those whom He has called. The Promised Land is on the horizon, but our eyes are too weak to see. If we could only comprehend what the Lord has in store for us, our hearts would burst with joy. We belong to Christ. This is the meaning of our lives. Once we start to live this truth, the purpose of our pain becomes clear: God is preparing us for glory.


Lord Jesus Christ, son of Mary, help me to view my struggles, not as opportunities to complain, but as opportunities to show my love for You. Amen.


Num 21:4-9    Ps 102:2-3, 16-18, 19-21       Jn 8:21-30