Thursday, April 6
Rachel E. Keifer
Class of 2020

Don't Forget His Love


“Remember the wonderful works that He has done.” -Psalm 105:5


One song that touches my heart in a powerful way is “The One I Love,” by Third Day.  As Peter is walking on the waves and begins to sink, Jesus speaks to Him with the powerful lyrics, “Oh, you of little faith, why do you let the wind and the waves distract you? Oh, you of little faith, how quickly and often you have forgotten!” This last line really convicted my heart one day in prayer as I realized I so often forget how God has gotten me to where I am and will not let me sink. How often I fail to trust God and, instead, try to take my life into my own hands out of pride! As I broke down in the chapel listening to these words, I prayed that I would have the courage to respond to this incredible, unfathomable, faithful love.


So, how to respond? Today, the Lord shows us a few different ways. In the Old Testament, Abraham is overwhelmed and humbled by the    fulfillment of a promise. In the Gospel, Jesus offers the Pharisees, once again, the opportunity to believe in Him, citing the story of their father Abraham, and is met with harsh words and threats. In the Psalm, He says that we have to relentlessly seek Him and remember the wonderful works He has done in our lives. This could be anything from a powerful encounter in Confession or Adoration, to a conversation with a friend or an answer to prayer.


When we remember these things, instead of casting stones born of pride, like the Pharisees, we will respond to His faithfulness as we should; overwhelmed, face down on the ground, like Abraham.


Lord, help me remember Your faithfulness. You never fail, but my heart does. You never forget about me, but I forget about You. You reach for me. Let me long to reach back for Your outstretched hand with complete trust, knowing that You will be faithful and always fulfill Your promises. Amen.


Gn 17: 3-9           Ps 105:4-9          John 8:51-59