Tuesday, March 21
Esteban (Steven) Mallar
Sem. Class of 2022


Heal Our Indifference, Lord!


“Even now, says the Lord, return to Me with your whole heart; for I am gracious and merciful.” - Joel 2: 12-13


May we, in reading this reflection from the book I Will Think of Everything. You, Think Only of Loving Me, hear and respond wholeheartedly to the Voice of the Lord calling us back to His gracious and merciful heart. May we become conscious of our terrible indifference, break our chains of slavery and replace them with chains of love, chaining ourselves joyfully to the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts.


“I remember very clearly that there was a real strong sense of not just the noise of the blasphemies being shouted directly at Jesus [on the cross], but also the deafening silence of so many people just following the crowd, indifferent, self-absorbed, distracted. So many people in all generations not focused on the meaning and the calling of Jesus' suffering and death on the cross, not being sorry for their sins that put Him there, and not being truly grateful and honored by the magnitude of His love for us in this great act of redemption. I sensed these blasphemies of indifference contributing IMMENSELY to His suffering of being alone and abandoned, and then on top of that to know that many of these   people might never respond to the grace of redemption He is offering to them. This indifference was excruciating to our Savior. My heart ached for Him as I felt His deep loneliness, rejected and tortured by His own creatures, by those whom He created out of love and for love. He was suffering so greatly to save the very creatures who offend Him. I tried to catch the eyes of Jesus as He looked across the crowd looking for love. It was as if He was crying out with His eyes from the very depths of His being, "Does anyone care? Is anyone grateful? Will you respond to the graces I obtain for you by My suffering and dying in your place?" Then I saw Mary, near the foot of the cross, in such pain as she witnessed the cruelty of all these horrible blasphemies, including the contemptible blasphemies of indifference, coming from the very people her Son was suffering and dying for, those whom He loved so much. I knew that Mary, too, in her great motherly love for us, longed for the salvation of all those people, just as her Son did.”  A Sister of Children of Mary. I  Will Think of Everything. You, Think Only of Loving Me. CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2016.


Jesus, Mary, I love You! Save souls!  Mother! Please pray for me that my heart may be moved to a deep love for Jesus! Jesus, change me! Amen.


Dn 3: 25. 34-43     Ps 25: 4-5ab. 6 and 7bc. 8, 9     Mt 18: 21-35