Christian Winkle, C '16


Then God said to Abraham, "As for you, you must keep my covenant, you and your descendants after you for the generations to come"
Genesis 17:9


Because God loves us, He wants to grant us many graces. When God created a covenant with Abraham, He pledged His love and faithfulness to His Chosen People. But a covenant is even more than a contract and there is an expectation on both parties making a covenant. Can you imagine someone literally giving everything they had to you? Words would not be able to describe how thankful you would be for the gift. Much the same could then be said about our Lord, who has given us everything. God was not only faithful to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and the Chosen People, He became one with humanity as a descendant of David. He suffered and died for us, literally giving everything for our salvation. God has been faithful to the covenant He made with us. How will we respond?


Will we imitate His love for us in how we love our brothers and sisters around us? We can't earn our way to Heaven and God doesn't need our love, but He invites us to love Him back, especially through love for our neighbor. Our prayers, acts of kindness, and charity are the ways we communicate our thanks to God, and by communicating with Him in this way we can grow in our relationship with Him.


Lord, help me to serve You with all the gifts that You have given me. Draw me ever closer to You. Amen.

Gn 17: 3-9, Ps 105: 4-9; Jn 8: 51-59