Gianna Tucker, C ‘16


"Into your hands I commend my spirit; you will redeem me, Lord, God of truth."
Psalm 31:6


Following Christ requires we act as servant leaders and remember that we are here to do His will by radiating His love through our actions to those who do not yet know of Him and His love. Living with these goals at the forefront of everything we do is challenging to say the least, but it is important in order to bring others closer to Christ, the one who loves us best. In this time of Lent, let us do our best to remember in order to do God’s will we must be humble in all that we do. Let us recognize our own failings, forgive ourselves, ask for God’s forgiveness, and forgive others for their shortcomings. Let us be quick to love rather than quick to judge, so we might lead others closer to God through our actions of love. Let us recognize all we do cannot be accomplished through our own strength, but only with God at our side, guiding us every step of the way.


Lord, help me to know I need You in all I do, and help me to serve You in all I do. Help me to recognize how much You love me and help me to spread love to all that I meet. Amen

Jer 18: 18-20; Ps 31: 5-6, 14-16; Mt 20: 17-28