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Campus Housing - Reunion Weekend


There are four options for campus housing:
The Cottages (view images)
Bicentennial Hall
The Apartments
Sheridan Hall

online housing registration will open in March

Classes are assigned to locations based on seniority and size.
To stay off-campus, please visit the Reunion Hotel page.




The Cottages


Open to all class years!
Air Conditioned; Kitchen; Common Room; Single Bed's; Two Bathroom's; Flat Screen TV

10- Person Cottage

($50 per bed / night)

Bicentennial Hall


Class years: 1975, 1980, 1985,
Air Conditioned; Micro-Fridge; Common Room; Single Bed's; One Bathroom

4-Person Suite

3-Person Suite

(per suite/per night)

(per suite/ per night)

The Apartment Towers


Class years: 1990, 1995, 2000, 2005
Air Conditioned; Kitchen; Common Room; Single Bed's; One Bathroom

5-Person Apartment

3-Person Apartment

(per apt./ per night)

(per apt./ per night)

Sheridan Hall


Class of 2010
Micro-Fridge; Single Beds; Shared Hall Bathroom

3-Person Room

2-Person Room

(per room/ per night)

(per room/ per night)


Campus Accommodations - Things to Know

Remember that campus rooms do not offer hotel amenities, but the following services are available:

  1. Bed linens and towels will be provided to all guests. You may wish to bring an extra blanket or towel, and don't forget the shower shoes!

  2. Apartments and suites are air conditioned, but rooms in Sheridan are not, so bringing a small fan is a good idea if the forecast calls for hot weather.

  3. Other items to remember include an alarm clock, reading lamp, and utensils/cooking equipment and ice if you are staying in the Apartments.

Safety & Security

Access to the residence halls will be open during Reunion Weekend, but each room/suite/apartment has an individual lock and keys will only be provided to those guests occupying that room. There will be a $60 charge for lost keys. Public Safety officers patrol the campus, including residence halls, throughout the day and night. If you have an emergency, please contact Public Safety at 301-447-5357 (or x.5357 from a campus phone).

Special Needs

If you require handicap accessible housing, please indicate on the Housing registration form. If you have other special housing needs, please contact the Office of Alumni Relations (301-447-5362).

Check-In & Late Arrivals

Registration in the McGowan Center Friday, from 10 a.m.-10 p.m. / Saturday from 10 a.m.-7:30 p.m.

If you arrive on campus after registration closes, you can pick you room key up at Public Safety.

Smoking Policy

Smoking is not permitted in any building on campus. Smoking is only allowed outdoors, and smokers must remain 15 feet away from buildings and residence halls.


Please observe all campus parking regulations including no-parking zones and handicap spaces. Ample parking will be available for Reunion attendees in designated lots − please look for signs when you arrive on campus.

Welcome to The Cottages!


The Mount's newest residence hall, the Residential Cottages at Alumni Court was completed in October 2013. Located off Old Emmitsburg Road, on the northwest side of campus each building houses 10 students, and features 10 single bedrooms, a laundry room, a sitting room, 2 bathrooms and a fully equipped kitchen with a peninsula for convenient seating.

Each Cottages features a furnished living room & Kitchen.

Single bedrooms feature one twin bed, a desk, and a dresser.

Each Cottage offers a large lounge for gatherings.

16300 Old Emmitsburg Road | Emmitsburg, MD 21727
Map & Directions | | 301-447-6122
Frederick Campus | 5350 Spectrum Drive | Frederick, MD 21703
Map & Directions | | 301-682-8315