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Administrative Assistant - Departments of Education and Sociology (Job Search Status: Currently Accepting Resumes)

Minimum Pay Rate:  $10.45 per hour
Work Schedule:  Full-time, 35 hours per week, Monday-Friday

Essential Position Functions:

Purpose and Scope:
The administrative assistant provides specialized support to candidates in the Elementary and Secondary Teacher Education programs. He/she provides administrative support to faculty of the Education, Sociology and Criminal Justice programs. The administrative assistant reports to the Chairs of the Education and the Sociology Departments.

1. Serves as the first point of contact for prospective students for the Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) program.

  • Provides assistance and support to interested candidates;
  • Upon submission of an applicant’s Request for Admission package, administrative assistant completes the initial review of the applicant’s qualifications;
  • Administrative assistant makes initial determination on applicant’s need for any holds to be placed on applicant’s account;
  • Conducts transcript analysis and manages MAT files from application to candidacy;
  • Drafts correspondence.

2. Maintains facets of the Education Gateway Assessment System

  • Maintains, updates and audits applicant/student database information;
  • Schedules and oversees Undergrad Admission interviews;
  • Maintains Gateway I Admissions Database;
  • Prepares Admittance, Provisional and Rejection letters;
  • Verifies Gateway 2 and 3 GPAs and generates appropriate letters of concern;
  • Updates degree plans;
  • Maintains the employment database.

3. Serves as the Education Department‘s point person for PRAXIS l and II.

  • Provides assistance to students re. PRAXIS; i.e. which test(s) is required; notification of change in requirements; qualifications for secondary education, etc.;
  • Tracks and verifies that candidates have completed appropriate PRAXIS tests per program requirements;
  • Follows procedures for verification of PRAXIS I equivalency scores.

4. Manages collection of course syllabi and collection of class rosters each semester.

  • Collects and files electronic versions of course syllabi;
  • Collects and forwards Undergraduate and Graduate class rosters to Registrar;
  • Post syllabi on Shared Network in required format;
  • Forward files to Vice President of Academic Affairs.

5. Provides technical assistance in the administration and management of projects to Chairs and faculty.

  • Organizes departmental/committee meetings;
  • Attends and provides meaningful input at Leadership Team Meetings;
  • Assigns advisors and compiles comprehensive advisee lists based on departmental formulae;
  • Prepares and updates departmental calendars;
  • Prepares departmental directories each semester;
  • Supports faculty with media and curriculum materials, including library resources;
  • Assists with the accreditation database and office records;
  • Directs external and internal communications (e.g., newsletters, surveys);
  • Manages departmental equipment circulation.

6. Schedules and arranges support for departmental events.

  • Arranges meetings and events;
  • Coordinates with appropriate parties the need for catering, space, and other required support.

7. Prepares oversight and guidance to graduate assistants and student workers.

  • Prepares graduate assistants and student workers’ work schedules;
  • Ensures PRAXIS support materials are sufficiently available;
  • Ensures information center is well stocked with up-to-date materials.

8. Provides administrative support to the faculty of the School of Education and Human Services.

Minimum Qualifications and Special Knowledge:

1. Education and Training

  • Bachelor’s degree preferred; high school degree or equivalent is required for the position;
  • A degree that included or was supplemented by at least 24 semester hours in a field related to the work of the department is desired;
  • Four (4) years of experience that demonstrates a thorough understanding of the principles and practices of the work in the education program may be substituted for the desired experience.

2. Technical Requirements

  • The administrative assistant for the School of Education and Human Services is expected to be familiar with technology-based office management tools such as the use of computer software (Microsoft Office Suite) and office equipment.

3. Public Relations Experience

  • The administrative assistant should have strong interpersonal and organizational skills
  • The administrative assistant should be able to work well with a diverse group of people, and to work well both independently and as part of a team.

4. Communication Skills

  • The administrative assistant at times may be called upon to represent the office to external entities (high schools, non-MSM students, etc.);
  • The administrative assistant should be able to conduct correspondence with prospective students and other audiences as appropriate.

Position Location:
Archbishop Borders Hall, 2nd floor

Equipment Used:
Dell Computer; Laser Printer; copier; multi-line phone, fax machine, scanner, CD burner, digital camera

Physical Requirements:
Office environment

Co-supervise student aides.

To Apply: Complete the Application (Found under the Staff Positions Listings). Mail with cover letter and resume to the Department of Human Resources, Administrative Assistant – Education and Sociology Search, 16300 Old Emmitsburg Road, Emmitsburg MD 21727 or fax to (301) 447-5864. Resume may also be sent by email to

Send inquiries to:

Mount St. Mary's seeks administrators who are eager to engage and support our Catholic identity. Mount St. Mary's University has a strong institutional commitment to excellence through diversity in its educational program and employment practices; we actively seek and welcome applications from candidates with exceptional qualifications, particularly those with demonstrable commitments to a more inclusive society and world.


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