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Employee Benefits

The Mount has established a variety of benefit programs designed to help you and your family meet medical emergencies, deal with job related or personal problems and plan for your retirement. While this site highlights some features of these benefit programs, these programs and the terms and conditions of your participation in them are subject to change at any time. More detailed information about most of these programs is available by contacting your HR staff.


The Mount offers a comprehensive package of dental benefits for employees and their families. On the first day of the month following full-time employment, an employee is eligible for one of two options of coverage through United Concordia.

Employees may choose to enroll under three levels of coverage:

  • Employee Only

  • Employee Plus One (spouse or child)

  • Employees Plus Two or More (family)

United Concordia Advantage Plus Option
The Advantage Plus Option offers one of the largest network in the country. Members have the freedom to choose any dentist; have a variety of incentives and lower out-of-pocket cost options when an in-network dentist is selected; no paperwork for patients to file.

All covered dental procedures, except diagnostic and preventive services, are subject to an annual per person deductible of $50 with a family limitation of $150 regardless of the number of patients in the family. The deductible is waived for diagnostic and preventive services. Most services are covered at 100% with the exception of crowns, dentures and bridgework which are covered at 50%. There is a $1,200 annual maximum per person. Contact the Human Resources Office for plan details.

Advantage Plus Certificates of Coverage/Insurance (.pdf)

Concordia Plus (DHMO)
The Concordia Plus Plan is a national Dental Health Maintenance Organization (DHMO) with more than 62,700 dentists participating nationally, in which members select a dentist from a panel of participating providers. Dentists are paid a set, monthly fee that covers most of the services members need.

Concordia Plus offers a network of providers that are assessed for experience, range of services, location, accessibility and the ability to accommodate new patients; minimal and/or no patient co-payments for preventative care; quality and affordable dental care; no paperwork for patients to file.

For a list of participating dentists or more information for either of these plans, visit or call United Concordia at 800-332-0366 or contact the Human Resources office.

DHMO Certificates of Coverage/Insurance (.pdf)

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The Mount offers a comprehensive package of health benefits for employees and their families. On the first day of the month following full-time employment, an employee is eligible for the CareFirst BCBS PPO Network. To find out more about your CareFirst BCBS plan, please visit

Employees may choose to enroll under four levels of coverage:

  • Employee Only

  • Employee and Child(ren)

  • Employee Plus Spouse * 

  • Employee Plus Family

The Mount currently pays 75% of the total premium regardless of level of coverage for all full-time employees. The employee's share of the premium (25%) will be deducted from the employee's paycheck on a pre-tax basis.

An employee may wish to waive coverage under the Mount's medical plan. To do so, however, the employee must provide the University with the name and policy number of the employee's other medical coverage. This is necessary to ensure that all Mount employees are in some way protected from today's spiraling medical costs.

Freedom of Choice
If you choose to have medical care provided by a physician or hospital within the BlueCard PPO Network you will receive the highest level of benefits for your care. Network providers may be located by going to However, you may choose to receive care from a healthcare provider outside the BlueCard PPO Network.

If you choose to go outside the network for service or care you must meet a deductible and pay coinsurance.

Prescription Drug Benefit
This program is based on the True Rx three tier program formula, which encourages the use of generic drugs and certain brand-name drugs. Under this program you pay a different co-pay depending on whether you receive a generic drug, a preferred brand-name drug, or a non preferred brand name drug. Always remember to talk to your doctor about using generic preferred brands that can save you money. You and your doctor should check the three tier program list before you receive a prescription. An updated copy is available at

In addition, maintenance drugs are available for a 30- to 90-day supply.

For information for Prescription Drug Coverage and Medicare read the Important Creditable Coverage Disclosure Notice (.pdf).

*Spouses are eligible to participate in the medical plan if they have no other coverage available to them from their employer.

Disability Plans

After one year of employment, employees become eligible for the University sponsored Long-term and Short-term disability plans. These plan are both fully-funded by the University. The plans pay an amount equal to 60% of your salary up to a maximum for $10,000 per month.

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Life Insurance

The Mount offers a variety of life insurance policies for employees and their families. On the first day of the month following full-time employment, an employee is automatically enrolled in a Basic Life and AD&D policy under CIGNA Life Insurance Company at no cost to the employee.

Employees may choose to purchase additional amounts of life insurance for themselves and/or the spouse and dependent children.

Basic Life and AD&D
The Mount provides a $20,000 policy covering all full-time employees on the first day of the month following full-time employment. Additionally, the Mount's basic plan includes Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) coverage in the event that a loss of life or limb occurs due to an accident while covered under this plan. You name your beneficiary and may change your choice of beneficiary at any time by completing a Beneficiary Form (.pdf).

Supplemental Life Insurance
The employee may choose to purchase an additional amount of life insurance and the premiums can be deducted on a pre-tax basis from the employee's paycheck. The premiums for supplemental life insurance are based on the age of the employee and can be purchased in increments of annual salary (1x, 2x or 3x annual salary). You name your beneficiary and may change your choice of beneficiary at any time by completing a Beneficiary Form (.pdf).

Dependent Life Insurance: The employee may choose to purchase one of two options of life insurance for spouse and/or dependent children. The premium is deducted from your paycheck on an after-tax basis.

  • Option 1: $20,000 policy for spouse/ $10,000 policy for each dependent child
  • Option 2: $10,000 policy for spouse/ $10,000 policy for each dependent child

CIGNA's Will Preparation Program makes it easy for you take charge of those difficult life and health care legal decisions.

CIGNA'S Life Assistance Program 24/7 is available to employees to help you and your family find a solution and restore your peace of mind.

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As a full-time Mount employee, you are eligible to enroll in the Mount's Teachers Insurance Annuity Association (TIAA) and Roth Retirement Program. The program is designed to give you an income when you retire which is in addition to your Social Security benefit.

This summary will help to answer some of the questions you may have about the Plan. Please read this summary carefully and talk it over with your family. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the plan sponsors directly or stop in or contact the Human Resource Office.

You are eligible to join the Mount's retirement plan if you are 21 years of age and are a full-time employee of the Mount. You may choose to contribute a fixed dollar amount or percentage of your salary into one of the two available retirement programs on a tax-deferred basis. While there is no minimum contribution required; the Internal Revenue Code enforces a maximum amount that can be tax-deferred by employees.

The University will contribute 3% towards the employee's TIAA Retirement Plan regardless if the employee contributes to the plan.  The University will match up to an additional 3% into the pension plan, if the employee contributes more than 3% into the plan. The contribution begins on the first day of the month following your date of full-time employment.

Building Your Portfolio
To start your retirement plan, you'll need to allocate your contributions among the fixed and variable annuity accounts listed among the retirement options. You can change your allocation of future contributions at any time, and you have considerable flexibility in transferring funds among accounts.

How Do I Enroll?
Mount Contribution: The Human Resources Office will enroll all full-time employees upon orientation. The Mount's contributions will begin on the first day of the month following employment.

Employee Contribution: an employee may choose to contribute any portion of their salary by completing a Salary Reduction Form (.pdf). Additional forms may be required depending upon the choices made by the employee and are available in the Human Resources Office.

How much can I contribute towards my retirement?
There is a contribution limit that applies to Tax Sheltered Annuities. As determined each year by the IRS, the contribution limit for 2016 is $18,000.

There are, however, special provisions to allow you to contribute more if:

  • you are 50 years of age or older, in 2016 you may contribute an additional $6,000 as a catch up provision

  • you have been employed at Mount St. Mary's for 15 years or longer, you may contribute an additional $3,000/year. The maximum allowed under the catch up provisional is $15,000 over 5 years.

It is important to remember that any contributions you make to the plan are on a pre-tax (before tax) basis and reduce your taxable income in the year contributed. You can also contribute to the Roth plan on a post-tax (after tax) basis to pay taxes on your contributions now so you do not have to pay them when you retire.

More About the Retirement Options

TIAA Summary Plan Description Document (.pdf)
TIAA Summary Plan Description Tax-Deferred Annuity Plan (.pdf)

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The Mount offers a discounted vision care plan for employees and their families. On the first day of the month following full-time employment, an employee is eligible for coverage through EyeMed Vision Care.

Employees may choose to enroll under three levels of coverage:

  • Employee Only

  • Employee Plus One (spouse or child)

  • Employees Plus Two or More (family)

Premier Plan
EyeMed members enjoy these key benefits:

Choice and Easy Access ♦ Members can choose from over 20,000 independent providers, including optometrists, ophthalmologists, and opticians and retail chains such as LensCrafters. Provider information is always available toll-free at (866) 939-3633 and at Members simply present their membership card to an EyeMed provider, pay their co-payment and EyeMed Vision Care will take care of the rest. This eliminates any paperwork for you if you go to an in-network provider.

If members choose a non-participating provider, they can get reimbursed for $35 for basic eye exams. Detailed information on co-payments is available from the Human Resources Office or contact EyeMed Vision Care directly.

♦ Real Savings Always Available ♦ You will see significant savings on eye examinations, contact lenses, lens options, and accessories when using your EyeMed vision care benefits.

♦ Laser Vision Correction ♦ Some of the nation's most highly qualified laser vision correction surgeons are available offering 15% off retail prices and 5% off promotional prices.

For information on certificate of insurance, please view the Group Vision Insurance Certificate (.pdf).

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Reimbursement Accounts

The Mount offers an innovative way to save money: two separate tax-free accounts that reimburse you for either health care or dependent care expenses not covered under your insurance plans. Learn more about the Health Flexible Spending Arrangement.

You may establish one reimbursement account for health care expenses and another one for dependent care expenses. You decide on the amount you want to put into the account(s) each pay period. That amount is then deposited to the appropriate reimbursement account before federal, FICA and state taxes are deducted. When you have health or dependent care expenses, you reimburse yourself for these out-of-pocket expenses, using these tax-free funds.

However, there is a caution. You need to plan carefully for the expenses you will actually have during the course of the year. Any money that you choose to have deposited in a reimbursement account cannot be returned to you if you do not spend it by the end of the year. If you don't use it during the course of the year, you lose it. This is a requirement of the federal government. Allocations toward reimbursement accounts are made for a calendar year - from January 1st through December 31st. During open enrollment each year, you will have the opportunity to re-enroll for the following calendar year and determine your expected expenses for that year.

Changing your Election
Your election may not be changed during the calendar year unless one of the following occurs:

  • A change in your marital status

  • The addition or loss of a dependent

  • Termination of your spouse's employment or loss of eligibility for coverage by your spouse under a group medical plan sponsored by your spouse's employer

  • A change in your eligible class

You must make the change within 30 days after one of these events occurs. It will become effective on the day you submit the new election form and will remain in effect for the balance of the year.

Health Care Reimbursement Account
You may use this reimbursement account for health care expenses such as deductibles, coinsurance/co-pays, non-covered health expenses, non-covered dental expenses, eye care expenses (such as contact lenses, eye exams and glasses), hearing expenses, and over-the-counter medications. All of these may be paid with before tax dollars and save you money.
Flexible Spending Account FAQ's.

Any medical expense that is allowed as a deduction on your tax return is allowed as a reimbursable health care expense. Remember though, if you use your reimbursement account to pay for a health care expense, you may not also claim that same expense on your tax return.

The reimbursement account may be used for your expenses and for your dependent's expenses. You may deposit up to $2,500 annually into the Health Care Reimbursement Account. As you incur eligible expenses during the year, you pay the expenses out of your pocket, and then submit a claim for reimbursement from the account.

Dependent Care Reimbursement Account
Currently, childcare costs are paid after you receive your paycheck. Now you may reimburse yourself through the reimbursement account for the cost of dependent care while you and your spouse are at work. You may deposit up to $5,000 a year into this account ($2,500 if married and filing a separate income tax return). Dependent Care Reimbursement eligibility requirements.

In general, any dependent care expenses you are allowed to report on your individual Internal Revenue tax return are eligible reimbursement account expenses. As you incur eligible expenses during the year, you pay the expenses out of your pocket, and then submit a claim for reimbursement from the account.

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Business Travel Accident Insurance

Coverage will be effective for all benefit eligible employees who incur a loss from an accident while on an approved business trip away from his/her regular place of employment. Business Travel Accident certificate of insurance coverage (.pdf).

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Group Homeowner's and Auto Insurance

Liberty Mutual offers a comprehensive program that features auto and homeowner's insurance. This program provides an exclusive group discount on already competitive rates and convenient payment options.

Compare your current policy to Liberty Mutual's Plan. More than 6,500 companies and organizations in North America have chosen this plan, making it the most sponsored group auto and home insurance program in the industry.

Eligibility for this plan is extended to you, your spouse and any of your children who are residents in your home. They provide you with a number of convenient enrollment and payment options including payroll deduction.

For plan quotes, please contact Sales Representative Heather Tydings at 301-620-1061 x54344.  

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WellSpan Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

WellSpan Employee Assistance Program (EAP) offers a professional, confidential service that helps employees and their immediate family members identify and resolve personal problems that may be affecting them either at work or in their personal lives. The EAP program provides counseling services and training programs to anyone in need and is strictly confidential. There is no cost to you as an employee or dependent family member for the initial evaluation sessions.

To find out more about WellSpan Employee Assistance Program, check out the WellSpan EAP website.

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