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CIT Frequently Asked Questions

Student Questions

Employee Questions

Student Questions

How do I link my phone to my email?

► On an iPhone:

  • Go to General Settings

  • Select Mail, Contacts, Calendars

  • Select Add Account

  • Add Microsoft Exchange (on first screen fill out normally but no domain, only username; on second screen leave everything the same, except you have to add the server

  • Add Server — the current server is: (The server can be found by logging into your account and selecting "Options" (upper right hand corner)

  • All Options and then Settings for POP, IMAP, SMTP access

  • Change username field to the full email address

► On Android:

  • Settings

  • Accounts

  • Add Account

  • Email

  • Type the email address and password of the client

  • Click next (this may fail) if so, then uncheck automatically setup

► Manual Setup:

  • General settings

  • Account name, Real name and then email address

Incoming Mail Server:

  • Choose pop3 or Imap (pop is a manual push and Imap acts more like exchange) so we prefer you use Imap because it syncs better with the server

  • Server is; the server can be found by logging into mail account and going to Options (upper right hand corner)

  • Leave the full email address as the username

Outgoing mail server is set up with the same settings.

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How do I get internet on my phone?

  • Search for wireless networks
  • Select “MSMWireless”
  • You will be prompted for your mount username and password:
    • Students: mount\username
    • FSA: msmary\username
  • If the phone does not ask for a username/password and does not connect, it probably doesn’t support 802.1x authentication. If that is the case:
    • Find MAC address of phone
    • Register it at
    • Try connecting to MSMDevices network


How do I get my gaming system registered?

In the computer browser type and fill out the information it requires
            (Email address, password and mac address)

I can't get into my email.

► Once you get your user name and password, you need to enroll your password at

What kind of computer will I need?

► In general, we recomend a Windows-based laptop with Microsoft Office (or compatible) software and current antivirus software. Since your teachers will be using the latest version of Microsoft Office, you can avoid conflicts by using the same and students receive a substantial educational discount for Microsoft Office.

Students needs are different. Some may want more memory or graphics cards for video, music or gaming. Business majors might want a traditional PC with the Office suite  while a fine arts major might want something very different.  Now students can have the computer they need and have open access to the Mount Internet System.

What happens if my computer breaks?

► Due to liability issues, CIT does not provide hardware or software services.  You may want to consider an extended warranty for hardware repair, this is usually available at the time of purchase.  You can always take advantage of repair services that are available at Best Buy.  We are making arrangements with a local company to provide pickup/delivery and repair service as well (repair fees not covered by warranty are the responsibility of the student).    Please note that our system constantly monitors computers and will quarantine any computer that develops a virus or does not keep its software up-to-date.  It is the students responsibility to update their computer.

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Is any special software required?

► Certain majors or schools may require specific software.  It is best to check with your department chair for any specific requirements.

Where should I save documents when working on a thin client? (Library or Labs)

► The best way to save your work while in the Library or Labs is to email it to yourself or save to your persnonal network folder,  that way you will have access to it at any computer.  Another successful way to save your work is to a USB Flash Memory Drive, just becareful not to lose your flashdrive.

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How long does a student keep their email account?

► Your student email is for life.

What is the size limit for a student mailbox?

► 10 GB

How do I access my student email?

► Once you have enrolled your password at then you type in the webbrowser type and in the appropriate boxes and then your password.

I have a MAC and want to use the LCD equipment to do a presentation. What do I need?

► You will need a MAC adapter that fits your Mac that has a VGA (RGB) connection.

My television only allows channels 2 - 13. How do I get the high numbers?

Using your tv remote, make sure the tv is set for cable and not antenna

How do I find the channel guide for the TV shows?

Visit and enter your zip code (21727), then click on Mount St. Mary's University

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Employee Questions

How do I get internet on my phone?

Type the word Registration into the browser and register the device as a user.

How do I link my phone to my email?


> Settings >Mail, Contacts and Calendars > Under accounts "add account"
> Microsoft Exchange
    • Email address
    • Domain
    • Username
    • Password
    •Brief description (ex. MSMARY)
> After this step it will ask if you want to sync (all will probably be turned on, this is fine)
> Click save.  It will take a little bit to sync and start to download the email content.


>Settings>Accounts> Add account
> Corporate Sync (they must have this in order to get email from our exchange server.  It will not work on a POP3 or IMAP)
   • Enter email address
   • Password
   • Domain
   • Username
Click next (it will take a little bit to "add" the account but after it should say success and start to download content)

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