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Veritas Student Perspective

Natalia Profile shotNatalia Quintana C'16
Hometown: Germantown, MD
About: Natalia writes for the Mount's student newspaper, the Mountain Echo.

Below are some excerpts from Natalia's blog, where she shares her thoughts as a first year student participating in the Veritas Program.

To read the full articles, please see Veritas: a Student Perspective.

Veritas Exceeds Expectations

Now that the fall semester is coming to a close, I think it's safe to say that the Veritas program has very much met the expectations I had coming into the Mount. Actually, it's exceeded them. In a span of just a few months I've read all kinds of literature, discussed tons of themes, met new people and even learned things about myself along the way....Click here to read more.

The Body, Beauty and Incarnation Focus in Veritas

Unless you're a proctologist, a first grader, or a weirdo, I'm pretty sure you don't talk about private bathroom business with others too often. You just... don't. As kids, we're introduced to the concept of TMI- "too much information"- and we hold onto it for the rest of our lives. It's something that's accepted as the cultural norm, and most people never really bother to wonder why human bodies and all their strange processes are so uncomfortable to talk about. In general, bodily issues are just plain... gross. I mean, bathroom business and hygenic habits aren't popular topics of conversation nowadays. In fact, I don't think they ever were. If you don't believe me, try bringing the subject up around others and see what happens. Here's a heads up before you do, though: their reactions probably won't be very pleasant....Click here to read more.

Lecture by Craig Bickhart Inspires Listeners

"May your dreams find a place
In the garden of grace
May they grow where you’ve planted the seed
May your faith be a flame
That won’t die in the rain
May you never want more than you need."...Click here to read more.

Veritas Ramps up Drama of In-class Debate

It is several weeks into the Veritas program, and already, drama is starting to brew. Not the catty, high school drama that you’re probably thinking of now (you know, with the gossip and the rumors and the cafeteria confrontations …) No, I’m talking about a whole different kind of drama: The intellectual kind. The kind that teaches us students to wrestle with the ideas of others as well as our own in terms of spirituality and the human nature. The kind that causes us to take sides with one perspective and oppose another. The kind that could start an ideological sparring match between classmates, or maybe even a professor. I guess it is kind of like high school drama, in a way -- you know, minus the hair-pulling....Click here to read more.

Veritas Focuses on Role of Technology in Society

For those upperclassmen who are wondering what the Veritas program is, it is, in a nutshell, some really deep stuff. The complex class lectures in our Veritas Liberal Arts Symposiums, the mandatory intellectual panels, and the book readings might sound tedious to some, but hey-- they made us watch Wall-E as a class assignment. It’s really not as boring as it sounds. In fact, as a Veritas student, I’ve had the opportunity to think specifically about the role technology plays in our society and the human condition as a whole. Like I said—deep stuff....Click here to read more.

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