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Veritas Program

Veritas is the academic embodiment of MSMU's Catholic mission. Rooted in the liberal arts, the program is a common, four-year curriculum that prepares students for success in the modern world, while giving them a solid grounding in the Catholic intellectual tradition.

More than just a set of requirements, Veritas is integrated with every academic major, and includes leadership development and cultural components - giving every MSMU student a true liberal arts education in all of its dimensions - communication skills, cultural content and character formation.

The program includes four components:

  1. Common Educational Experience - sequenced courses including history, philosophy, theology, and literature
  2. Domains of Guided Exploration - applying required courses to chosen major area of study
  3. Integrative Requirements - incorporating writing and leadership skills
  4. Cultural/Enrichment Events - participation in three cultural events per year

The Veritas sequence teams with the Institute for Leadership. The Institute sponsors educational programs, scholarly research and experiential programs designed to connect theoretical learning about leadership to experiences outside the classroom. Students are required to complete a series of leadership activities before graduating, and to create an electronic portfolio of those experiences which can be given to potential employers.

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