For those upperclassmen who are wondering what the Veritas program is, it is, in a nutshell, some really deep stuff. The complex class lectures in our Veritas Liberal Arts Symposiums, the mandatory intellectual panels, and the book readings might sound tedious to some, but hey-- they made us watch Wall-E as a class assignment. It’s really not as boring as it sounds. In fact, as a Veritas student, I’ve had the opportunity to think specifically about the role technology plays in our society and the human condition as a whole. Like I said—deep stuff.

What I’ve noticed about the Veritas Symposium—which you could say is a fancier freshman seminar -- is that it doesn’t deal with concepts that are distant to us as young adults and students. In fact, it pretty much hits the spot when it comes to teaching us things that will definitely come in handy someday; things that range from résumé writing and persuasive techniques, to being able to see the reality of technology in our ever-changing society. Not to mention that during the Veritas Symposium, I actually have a voice as a student. I’m not just sitting in the back of the classroom, taking notes while a professor drones on about a certain subject I barely know anything about. The Veritas course allows me to engage in debates and conversations with my classmates and professor. It gives me an opportunity to write essays and papers that reflect my arguments and opinions, as opposed to just answering a simple question and elaborating on it.

As a freshman at the Mount, I admit that I’m a newbie to this whole college thing— and a pretty awkward one at that. (Let’s just say that I’ve walked into the wrong classroom way more than once in the past few weeks…) But the Veritas Symposium has actually helped me warm up to it all pretty quickly. I have an awesome professor, I’ve met interesting classmates, and I’ve learned about things that I’ll definitely put to use in the future. So far, the Veritas program has succeeded in teaching me how to look at the world from different angles and from a deeper perspective. Will it only get better from here? I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.