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Study Abroad Programs

The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”
– St. Augustine

The Mount offers semester-long and short foreign study programs. Some of these programs are offered every two years, while others occur annually. Take advantage of these exciting study abroad opportunities!

On each of these programs, Mount faculty members accompany the students and teach some or all of the courses. The programs in Florence, Prague and London are conducted with the assistance of the American Institute for Foreign Studies (AIFS) which arranges flights, housing for students, use of facilities, student services, special instructions and outings to local cultural/historical sites. The Dublin program is run with the assistance of the Irish American University, which handles all of these same arrangements except flights.

Programs Include

Dublin, Ireland (fall semester, odd years)
In conjunction with the American Institute for Foreign Study (AIFS), students take two courses offered by the Mount professor, an Irish life and culture course and one course of the students choosing.

Florence, Italy (spring semester, even years)
Students study Italian 101 at the Mount during the fall semester preceding the trip and then take Italian 102 as one of their four courses in Florence. The Mount professor offers two courses, and AIFS arranges for an Italian life and culture course and the Italian language course.

Prague, Czech Republic (fall semester, even years)
Students take two courses offered by the Mount professor as well a Czech History course (which fulfills the Modern Civilization requirement) and a Czech life and culture course. Students may choose a brief immersion into Czech during the opening weeks of the semester or study Czech more seriously throughout the entire semester.

London, England (spring semesters, odd years)
London is a consortium program conducted with AIFS and three other colleges and universities from the United States—the University of Wyoming, and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Students take three of the nine courses offered by professors from the four schools and a course on British life and culture taught by local professors.

Cuenca, Ecuador
Beginning in the Spring 2011, the Mount will spend a 12-credit semester in Cuenca, the beautiful “Athens of Ecuador” in conjunction with the University of Cuenca. Students will live with families during their three month stay. The program includes many day-long and weekend excursions, including trips to the Coast, the Amazon Rainforest and an excursion to the Galápagos Islands. Classes are with the Mount professor accompanying the group. Spanish is not required; all students will be placed in a Spanish class according to their level of knowledge.

Madrid, Spain (summer)
The summer program in Seville, Spain is conducted at the Center for Cross-Cultural Study. Students enroll in a four-credit, three intensive-weeks in Spanish language and live with a family in Seville. Students sign a contract to speak Spanish only while in the Center and on excursions as a condition of acceptance into this total immersion experience.

Tours, France (summer, even years)
The summer program in Tours, France is conducted at the Institute de Touraine. Students enroll in a six-credit,  four-week course in French language and live with a family in Tours. In addition, students enroll in a three-credit course entitled “French Civilization through the Pays-de-Loire” with a Mount French professor.  In addition to the class discussions, students experience the content of the course through visits to castle towns in the Loire Valley, Paris and Versailles.

Salzburg, Austria (summer, even years)
The five-week summer program in Salzburg is held at the beautiful campus of the American International School. Students will select a course in European history or culture, enriched with excursions and activities included in the program. Knowledge of German language is not required for participation. Find out more.

San José, Costa Rica (summer, odd years)
Total Immersion: students speak only Spanish during this 24/7 experience. The summer program in Costa Rica is conducted at the Forester Institute in San José. Students enroll for nine credits of course work—two courses of Spanish with professors from the institute and a third course with a Mount professor, which counts for both Spanish and Non-West requirements.

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