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Gertrude Conway
Gertrude D. Conway Ph.D.
Philosophy Department
Bradley Administration, Room 301
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Ph.D., Fordham University (1981)
M.A., Fordham University (1976)
B.A., College of New Rochelle (1972)


Phi Beta Kappa

Graduate Fellowship, Fordham University, 1972-6

Delaplaine Professorship in the Humanities (NEH Professorship), 1997-2000

Kline Chair of Philosophy, 2004-10

Delta Epsilon Sigma Distinguished Service Award 1996, 2009

Delta Epsilon Sigma Presidential Award 2000

Center for Intercultural Development (CID) Diversity Advocate Award 2001

CID Diversity Leadership Award for Teaching 2005

CID Shining Star Award 2001

Presidential Excellence Award 2005

Commencement Last Lecture 2005

Club Leadership Award for the Campaign to End the Death Penalty 2006

Peacecrafters Award for Promoting Peace and Cultural Understanding in Frederick County, 2007

SGA Outstanding Faculty Award 2009

Richards Award for Teaching Excellence 2010


Dr. Conway came to the Mount in 1979 after teaching at Pahlavi University in Shiraz, Iran. She served as Associate Dean of Academic Studies (1987-91), Founder and Director of the Honors Program and the Foreign Study Programs in Florence, London and Cannes (1987-92), Delaplaine Professor of the Humanities (National Endowment of the Humanities Professorship) 1997-2000, Kline Professor of Philosophy (2004-10) and University Professor (2011-). She has been awarded a range of honors, including Phi Beta Kappa, Delta Epsilon Sigma Distinguished Service and Presidential Awards, Center for Intercultural Development Leadership Award for Distinguished Teaching, Richards Ward for Teaching Excellence, Peacecrafters Award for Promoting Peace and Cultural Understanding, SGA Outstanding Faulty Award.

Areas of Study

Contemporary Philosophy, Moral Philosophy, Perspectives on the Death Penalty, Intercultural Dialogue: Middle Eastern Women, Virtues and Vices


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Delaplaine Seminar Essays "On Recognizing, Envisioning and Understanding the Cultural Other" including own introductory essay, "On Coming to See What is Before Our Eyes" Mount Saint Mary's College, June, 1999.

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Research Projects and Grants
Presidential Pride Dissertation Grant, Interdisciplinary Program Seed Grant, Presidential Pride Junior Research/Writing Grants, Summer Research Grant, Presidential Pride Senior Research/Writing Grant,

Faculty Development Grant, Mount St. Mary's University 1979-2007

Match Grant, National Collegiate Honors Council, 1991

Lilly Grant for Academic and Campus Life Programming on the Death Penalty 2004-5

Additional Information


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