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David McCarthy
David Matzko McCarthy Ph.D.
Fr. James M. Forker Professor of Catholic Social Teaching
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Ph.D., Duke University
M.Div., Duke University
B.A., High Point University



Dr. McCarthy is the Fr. James M. Forker Professor of Catholic Social Teaching. He started teaching at the Mount in 1998, and he has taught a variety of courses in the theology department and the University's Veritas Program (the core curriculum).

Areas of Study

Catholic Social Teaching, Moral Theology, Theology and Film


Saving the World and Healing the Soul: Action and Romance in Film. With Kurt Blaugher. Eugene: Cascade, forthcoming 2016.
The Death Penalty and Discipleship. Collegeville: The Liturgical Press, 2016.

Sharing God's Good Company: A Theology of the Communion of Saints. Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2012.

The Good Life: Genuine Christianity for the Middle Class. Grand Rapids: Brazos Press, 2004.

Sex and Love in the Home: A theology of the household. 2nd Edition. Eugene: Wipf and Stock, 2004. 

Books, Editor
Editor with Trudy Conway and Vicki Schieber, Where Justice and Mercy Meet: Catholic Opposition to the Death Penalty. Collegeville: Liturgical Press, 2013. (Awarded First Place, Faithful Citizenship category, 2014 Catholic Press and Book Awards)

Editor, The Heart of Catholic Social Teaching: Its Origins and Contemporary Significance. Grand Rapids: Brazos Press, 2009.

Editor with M. Therese Lysaught, Gathered for the Journey: Moral Theology in Catholic Perspective. Grand Rapids: Eerdmans /London: SCM Press, 2007. (Awarded Third Place in Theology by the Catholic Press Association in 2008)

Journal Editor
Editor in Chief, Journal of Moral Theology,

Issue Editor, “Love, Redemption, Vocation, and the Church,” vol. 4, no. 2 (June 2015).
Issue Editor, “Technology,” Journal of Moral Theology, vol. 4, no. 1 (January 2015).

Issue Editor, "Christology," Journal of Moral Theology, vol. 2, no. 1 (January 2013).

Issue Editor, "Love," Journal of Moral Theology, vol. 1, no. 2 (June 2012).

Articles in Juried Publications
“Craft as a Place of Knowing in Natural Law,” with Charles Pinches, Studies in Christian Ethics, vol. 29, no. 2 (May 2016).
“Natural Law and Our Contemporary Institutions,” with Charles Pinches, Political Theology, vol. 16, no. 5 (September 2015), 442-62.

"Natural Law and the Language of Love," Journal of Moral Theology vol. 1, no. 2 (June 2012), 115-46.

"Moral Theology in the Ruins," Journal of Moral Theology vol. 1, no. 1 (January 2012), 1-21.

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"Postmodernism, Saints, and Scoundrels," Modern Theology vol. 9, no. 1 (January 1993), 19-36.

Essays and Chapters in Books/Anthologies
“‘If I don’t go in that office every day, who am I?’—Working Men in Mad Men,” in “The Universe Is Indifferent:” Theology, Philosophy, and Mad Men, edited by Jacob L. Goodson and Ann W. Duncan (Eugene: Cascade Books, 2016).

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Shorter Articles, Radio Interviews, and Book Reviews
"Norms," in Dictionary of Scripture and Ethics, edited by Joel Green, et al. (Grand Rapids: Baker House, 2011), 553-4.

"Truthfulness, Truth-Telling," in Dictionary of Scripture and Ethics, edited by Joel Green, et al. (Grand Rapids: Baker House, 2011), 795-7.

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Radio interview, with David Swartz, In the Word program, WRDT, Detroit MI, March 4, 2004, 2:00-3:00pmEST.

Radio interview, with Bill Feltner, His People program, Pilgrim Radio Network (stations in Nevada, Wyoming, and Montana), February 24, 2004, 2:30-3:00pmEST.

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Additional Information


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