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The Office of Social Justice Service-immersion Experience
Keyword: 2012

Our last day in Belize was lived in true Belizean fashion of not worrying about plans and calmly reacting to last minute changes. Because of the tropical storm in the area we couldn't go snorkeling as planned, nor could we stay at Pelican's Pouch. When Jeff told us this we were all disappointed, but he said we could probably take a tour of Marie Sharp's Hot Sauce factory and maybe snorkel for half the day if the weather got better.

We woke not sure of what we were doing, but ready to roll. As we said goodbye to Hopkins the hope of snorkeling began to fade as the clouds ahead of us grew darker.

low sun in the sky

We pulled into the Marie Sharp's factory ready for our tour. We were given highly fashionable hairnets that we wore for the whole ten minute tour that consisted of one big room where the vats and empty bottles were kept and filled, and the warehouse where the packed boxed anxiously waited to be shipped around the world. We learned that in this modest factory 12 different hot sauces are made by the same workers who also produce jams, corn chips, and pork rinds. After a quick visit to the gift store and taste testing many of the jams and hot sauces, we set out for Pelican Beach Resort....Click here to read more.

Today is the tenth day in Belize; we only have one more day in Belize until we head home. Wake up was at 8 a.m. but some of us felt like over-achievers and woke up at 4 a.m. to watch the sun rise which ended up being at 6 a.m.! After a well-balanced breakfast of Fruiti Rolls (similar to Fruit Loops), we attended a Catholic mass at 9 a.m. We were all pleased when the lay minister welcomed us travelers to the church.

After a short walk back to Seagull's Nest, we used the rest of the day to shop and relax on the Caribbean beach! We spent about two hours walking around Hopkins and stopping by some cool arts and crafts, wood carving and souvenir shops. Of course I bought more than needed! All that shopping made us girls pretty hungry so we stopped at Innies, a recommended restaurant, for lunch. We kept it simple and ordered burgers, fish burgers, fish and chips, and chicken burritos (vegetarian for Ali); don't worry Marie Sharpes, hot sauce was included! Even though it was raining during our lunch the sun came out long enough for us to get back to Seagull's Nest, change into our bathing suits and jump in the Caribbean. Which is how we spent the rest our day.

We eventually headed out to dinner at Love on the Rocks! Which is basically…AMAZING! The food is served on 700 degree stones and you cook it yourself. There were no burns, thank God! During the dinner there was a storm going on and it caused the power to go out but luckily they had flashlights and small battery operated candles on the table. The darkness definitely heightened our taste buds while we ate salad and soup.

Food on the stone

(Mom and Dad, even though you probably will not see this until we get home and show you how to figure out the computer, I would like you to know I have still not been sunburned yet!)

Marilyn Brohawn '13

Today began our ninth day in Belize, I can't believe we only have 3 more days here! We woke up for breakfast at 6:30, what a treat! No really waking up at 6:30 felt like sleeping in compared to the last 4 days of waking up before the sun. Feeling rejuvenated we sat down for our last breakfast at the Nazareth Retreat Center and said our thanks and good-byes to Sister Josephina. We packed the van once again with our large over stuffed packs and headed out to Punta Gorda for the last time for market day. The streets were covered with tables over flowing with fruits, vegies, and trinkets. After some last minute shopping for family and friends we headed back into the van and off to Lubantuun, a Mayan ruin site!

Mayan Ruins...Click here to read more.

Today was our eighth day in Belize and our final day of service. The 4:30 a.m. wake-up call was followed by a delicious and filling breakfast courtesy of the Nazareth Retreat Center. We then headed out on our final rocky road trip to Jalacate, where the library is located.

There was no better way to start our day of work, than being invited to attend the school's morning assembly. Here we witnessed the school's weekly announcements and heard them sing Belize's national anthem and pray the Our Father, for which we joined them. The community of Jalacate was so welcoming to us each day. As a sign of their appreciation, the students formed a line and shook our hands thanking us for our work. Seeing their smiles and enthusiasm made all of the work we had been doing much more meaningful. As a sign of our appreciation for being so welcomed into their village and able to serve with them, we presented the school with a Mount St. Mary's University hat, which the principal accepted and actually wore the rest of the day. It will be placed in the school's principal's office as a token of our gratitude....Click here to read more.

Today was our seventh day in Belize and our third day of service. It rains every night here and last night was no exception. After another 4:30 a.m. wake up and a nice breakfast, courtesy of the Regina and Desiree of the Nazareth Retreat Center, we headed out to the work site. Unfortunately, the rain last night was stronger than we expected; the road leading to Jalacte (the village where the library is located) was muddy. We were forced to turn around and head to Punta Gorda when we came across some school buses that were stuck in the mud. On our drive back we were surprised to see that as we gave the kids a heads-up that their bus wasn't coming on time they stayed put and continued to wait. Belizean school kids are very dedicated to learning.

school and service...Click here to read more.

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