Group of students preparaing for Belize trip
A quick photo of our group, before we left. #Belize2014
Today was our first day in country! We had an adventurous day at the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Preserve. Julio and his wife cooked us a delicious breakfast including beans and Johnny Cakes. After breakfast we hit the trail and hiked for a few hours up to Ben’s Bluff where we could see for miles and had a perfect view Victoria’s Peak, the third highest in Belize! Oh course we had a photo-op with our Mount flag too! On our way back down we took a pit stop at a beautiful waterfall. Swimming in the chilly water felt perfect after a sweaty and hot hike. We worked together to get everyone under the waterfall and even washed up a bit with some bio-degradable soap! After hiking back down to eat some lunch, the group ventured down the road to explore the plane crash site before having some free-time.
I am pleased with the beauty of rural Belize and since landing we have been experiencing the culture nonstop! It was interesting to see the similarities and differences in the products at the grocery store. They have many of the same cereal, but they also have similar cereals with different names and mascots. The mixed tropical fruit jelly is also an amazing addition to our peanut butter sandwiches! Of course my favorite experience so far has been getting to know Julio and his wife and trying all of their traditional foods. I cannot wait to try many more foods each day, hopefully I will learn how to make some of it too!
Juli Good Class of 2015