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The Office of Social Justice Service-immersion Experience
Date: May 2013

I am writing this blog alternating between writing sentences and petting Digby and Pick, my new canine friends at the Farm Inn, who aren't too happy they don't have my undivided attention. Day 3 has just about come to a close and man, was it packed!

We started the day with a beautiful breakfast, followed by an incredible tour of Julio and his wife'sMaya Center Maya Museum. We learned all about the different kitchen supplies, techniques and foods pertaining to the Mayan culture....Click here to read more.

students swimming at base of waterfallThis trip has been beyond amazing so far, and it's only the second day!

Today was an all body and mind experience, which I personally feel, has brought our team closer together. We hiked in the Cockscomb Jaguar reserve in hopes of seeing a Jaguar, but sadly we did not. We hiked up to Ben's Bluff, an overlook of a section of the reserve that was 1290 ft. high.

This hike was a literal uphill battle for everyone for the heat, the humidity, the all-upward climb, the lack of jaguars, etc. was daunting. However, everyone was encouraging to one another saying "You can do it!" and "You're doing a great job!" Some would stop to hold out a hand for support through tough areas. And others would laugh and tell jokes, which helped keep the mind off of the climb....Click here to read more.

Mount Student group in Belize with Mount flag

The Mount's adventure to Belize was one that involved much traveling. It all started in lower McGowan. As everyone one was arriving we all greeted each other with anticipation for our adventure. Our first trip was to Dulles, where there were very sleepy people on a 2-hour car ride to the Airport. Once we made it to Dulles, we had to go through security, and then got on the plane to Miami. For most of the group, this plane ride was one of many in their previous travels; for one, it was a first-time experience ... I am that one!

My first plane ride, for me, was exciting, and everyone was very supportive. It was a new experience that will lead to many more trips. Once we got off the plane, our excitement reached a much higher level; we were so close to Belize!

The plane from Miami to Belize took a little over an hour, and everyone was pumped. The nice warm weather welcomed us with palm trees surrounding the airport. Then, Jeff picked up our rental van and we were off to the Cockscomb Wildlife Basin, where we would be spending our first part of the trip....Click here to read more.

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