Our last day in Belize was lived in true Belizean fashion of not worrying about plans and calmly reacting to last minute changes. Because of the tropical storm in the area we couldn't go snorkeling as planned, nor could we stay at Pelican's Pouch. When Jeff told us this we were all disappointed, but he said we could probably take a tour of Marie Sharp's Hot Sauce factory and maybe snorkel for half the day if the weather got better.

We woke not sure of what we were doing, but ready to roll. As we said goodbye to Hopkins the hope of snorkeling began to fade as the clouds ahead of us grew darker.

low sun in the sky

We pulled into the Marie Sharp's factory ready for our tour. We were given highly fashionable hairnets that we wore for the whole ten minute tour that consisted of one big room where the vats and empty bottles were kept and filled, and the warehouse where the packed boxed anxiously waited to be shipped around the world. We learned that in this modest factory 12 different hot sauces are made by the same workers who also produce jams, corn chips, and pork rinds. After a quick visit to the gift store and taste testing many of the jams and hot sauces, we set out for Pelican Beach Resort....Click here to read more.