I am writing this blog alternating between writing sentences and petting Digby and Pick, my new canine friends at the Farm Inn, who aren't too happy they don't have my undivided attention. Day 3 has just about come to a close and man, was it packed!

We started the day with a beautiful breakfast, followed by an incredible tour of Julio and his wife'sMaya Center Maya Museum. We learned all about the different kitchen supplies, techniques and foods pertaining to the Mayan culture. After a few demonstrations of separating rice from its shells and grinding some sugarcane (which is actually delicious when you chew the inside!), it was time to learn some Marimba dancing-it was a blast, but was certainly a lot harder than they made it look. Our tour concluded with grinding coffee beans and corn. We then each took a turn forming corn tortillas, which some found easier than others. No matter how long we took making our own, Julio's wife put us to shame, creating a perfectly round tortilla in about 15 seconds. Not trying to brag, but my tortilla puffed, which apparently is a good sign! It was sad to leave Julio's, but new experiences awaited us as we left the Stann Creek District and headed down the Southern Highway to the Toledo District. Along the way we stopped for a delicious buffet at Coleman's Café.

The next stop of the day was Blue Creek. Sylvano, our guide, met us and we began a gorgeous hike through the rainforest to a cave that looked straight out of a movie. Lifejackets secured, headlamps on, we were ready to go. The cave was unreal and seemed to go back forever, with little waterfalls along the way. I have never seen anything like it! Sylvano's dad discovered the cave himself in the 1940s and since a young age, Sylvano has been exploring the jungle. He told me many stories, a lot involving the King of the Rainforest, who he has seen 2 times in his life already. A tip I learned today-if you ever get to shake the King's hand, hide your fifth finger because he only has four!

Tonight we were able to eat dinner at a family's home in the village of San Antonio; I'd also like to add that this family is basically Jeff's Belizean family and they were so excited to see one another! We had a delicious meal of chicken and beans with mountains of tortilla. After we listened to the Marimba and danced some more! Well, these two dogs look lonely so I'm going to go play. Take care & God bless everyone!

Kaitlin Cotreau, Class of 2015