Christian Quiz Bowl BelizeToday we went to the Blue Creek School to see the Christian Quiz Bowl competition. The competition was set up Jeopardy-style. There were four schools represented-Blue Creek, Aguacate, San Benito Pointe, and Santa Teresa. There were questions about the Bible and Catholicism. They began the event with the Belize National Anthem, a pledge to Belize and prayer. I enjoyed talking to the children who were in the audience with us; they were lots of fun! Claire and I also tried a drink called ideal for the first time. It was hard drinking juice out of a bag so I’m pretty sure I spilled most of it, but it was really good.
After the game was over (Aguacate won), there was a huge downpour while we had lunch in the same building. Some of the students were shy but many of them were happy to talk and laugh with us.
We also learned a lot about the schools here from the vice principal of Aguacate. He told us about the challenges that Mayan schools face as well as the development and progress that is being made. I am looking forward to visiting the Aguacate school tomorrow and seeing the students in a classroom.
Ashley Crosby, Class of 2014