Today was our seventh day in Belize and our third day of service. It rains every night here and last night was no exception. After another 4:30 a.m. wake up and a nice breakfast, courtesy of the Regina and Desiree of the Nazareth Retreat Center, we headed out to the work site. Unfortunately, the rain last night was stronger than we expected; the road leading to Jalacte (the village where the library is located) was muddy. We were forced to turn around and head to Punta Gorda when we came across some school buses that were stuck in the mud. On our drive back we were surprised to see that as we gave the kids a heads-up that their bus wasn't coming on time they stayed put and continued to wait. Belizean school kids are very dedicated to learning.

school and service

Before Jeff could turn our rental van into a temporary school bus for the morning we met Frankie, another partner of the JVC, who told us the paint had arrived for the outside of a church in Punta Gorda, Saint Peter Claver. We were able to continue our service experience abroad with a great view of the Caribbean (or the Gulf of Honduras, we're not sure since Jeff keeps changing his mind) to our left. Our day was spent in the sun, painting a beautiful church on scaffolds at times, and talking to some of the school children that would venture over during their breaks. Some of us spent our lunch break exploring the coastal town. After popping into some of the shops on Main Street we headed back to Saint Peter to finish up our work. I'm happy to say that we were able to finish the outside walls of the church by the end of our service day and hopefully tomorrow we can head back to the library in Jalacte. This trip has been awesome so far and no amount of pictures could do this place justice.

Lisa Lopez