Mount Student group in Belize with Mount flag

The Mount's adventure to Belize was one that involved much traveling. It all started in lower McGowan. As everyone one was arriving we all greeted each other with anticipation for our adventure. Our first trip was to Dulles, where there were very sleepy people on a 2-hour car ride to the Airport. Once we made it to Dulles, we had to go through security, and then got on the plane to Miami. For most of the group, this plane ride was one of many in their previous travels; for one, it was a first-time experience ... I am that one!

My first plane ride, for me, was exciting, and everyone was very supportive. It was a new experience that will lead to many more trips. Once we got off the plane, our excitement reached a much higher level; we were so close to Belize!

The plane from Miami to Belize took a little over an hour, and everyone was pumped. The nice warm weather welcomed us with palm trees surrounding the airport. Then, Jeff picked up our rental van and we were off to the Cockscomb Wildlife Basin, where we would be spending our first part of the trip.

We took off for the 3-hour car trip and were able to see the living conditions and environment of the Belizeans. It was a very simple, but beautiful area that we all found to be interesting.

Once arriving at the village, we met a man named Julio. Julio, a good friend of Jeff, was an extremely welcoming and within minutes, invited us into his home to show us how he makes chocolate. We saw the machines and tools he uses, and the best part was that he let us sample it! It was a delicious snack after a long day of travel.

After settling into our rooms where we will stay for the next 2 nights, we went back to Julio's place and had a great dinner of rice, chicken and beans.

After dinner, Jeff led our first debrief and reflection on expectations and fears. The group quickly opened up to each other, talking about what worries they had about this new experience, but how they could work through them to make this trip memorable. We went to bed very early (8:30 p.m.!) but very excited for the days to come.

Tim Nardi, Class of 2016