Today is the tenth day in Belize; we only have one more day in Belize until we head home. Wake up was at 8 a.m. but some of us felt like over-achievers and woke up at 4 a.m. to watch the sun rise which ended up being at 6 a.m.! After a well-balanced breakfast of Fruiti Rolls (similar to Fruit Loops), we attended a Catholic mass at 9 a.m. We were all pleased when the lay minister welcomed us travelers to the church.

After a short walk back to Seagull's Nest, we used the rest of the day to shop and relax on the Caribbean beach! We spent about two hours walking around Hopkins and stopping by some cool arts and crafts, wood carving and souvenir shops. Of course I bought more than needed! All that shopping made us girls pretty hungry so we stopped at Innies, a recommended restaurant, for lunch. We kept it simple and ordered burgers, fish burgers, fish and chips, and chicken burritos (vegetarian for Ali); don't worry Marie Sharpes, hot sauce was included! Even though it was raining during our lunch the sun came out long enough for us to get back to Seagull's Nest, change into our bathing suits and jump in the Caribbean. Which is how we spent the rest our day.

We eventually headed out to dinner at Love on the Rocks! Which is basically…AMAZING! The food is served on 700 degree stones and you cook it yourself. There were no burns, thank God! During the dinner there was a storm going on and it caused the power to go out but luckily they had flashlights and small battery operated candles on the table. The darkness definitely heightened our taste buds while we ate salad and soup.

Food on the stone

(Mom and Dad, even though you probably will not see this until we get home and show you how to figure out the computer, I would like you to know I have still not been sunburned yet!)

Marilyn Brohawn '13