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Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

Chair: Melanie Butler, Ph.D.
Professor: Frederick Portier, Ph.D.
Associate Professors: Brian Heinold, Ph.D.; Luca Petrelli, Ph.D.
Assistant Professors: Jonelle Hook, Ph.D.; Rebecca Portier, M.S.; Scott Weiss, M.S.

About the Department

The courses and programs offered by the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science are designed to give students an exposure to a wide variety of topics in both computer science and mathematics. Participation in the program will provide students with firm foundations in theory and application and will give them an appreciation of both the utility and the intellectual attractiveness of the disciplines. Students will acquire the ability to rationally analyze problems of a quantitative nature and apply appropriate methods of solution. The ultimate objective of the program is to develop educated men and women who have the ability to reason logically, express themselves with precision and apply appropriate problem-solving techniques.

Programs culminate in the earning of a Mount St. Mary’s University degree. All Mount mathematics and computer science programs are accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. Review of programs is the responsibility of the department of mathematics and computer science.

Students have access to many resources for career advice and support through the Career Center or from the student's academic advisors.

The Curriculum

The mathematics curriculum fills the needs of those students who wish to pursue a professional career in mathematics in academia or industry. As an integral part of a liberal arts education, the department seeks to gives students a feeling for the spirit and enjoyable nature of mathematics as well as the applications of mathematics in their areas of study.

The computer science curriculum provides a broad overview of computer science as a discipline and give the student essential technical and analytical skills. Students become proficient in several programming languages and gain experience on multiple platforms. Technical issues related to hardware and software are examined. The mathematical foundation is stressed early and practical experience is gained throughout. Graduates of the program will have the skills necessary to work as computer professionals or pursue graduate education.

Academic Advising

Students at the Mount are encouraged to seek out the resources available to them on campus and through their academic departments. Academic advising is available to assist students in making the right choices for their future. Contact the department to discuss how we can help further your academic career.

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