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SmallTalk: The COMAP Math Modeling Competition


SmallTalk: The COMAP Math Modeling Competition

Thu. Mar 13, 2014 12:30pm - 1:30pm
Laughlin Auditorium

The COMAP competition is the world’s largest math modeling competition, drawing thousands of teams from schools worldwide.  This year’s questions asked about how the rules for passing affect highway traffic flow and how to determine the best college coach in NCAA history.

This year’s participants include Emily Rodriguez, Lindsay Sneeringer, Sean Stanley on one team, Joe Lesniewski, Maria Marinelli, and Christian Winkle on another, and Joe Appleton and Kelly Dawkins on a third.  Members from each team will be present their solutions.

SmallTalk is an informal colloquium series on topics related to Mathematics and Computer Science. Talks are limited to 30 minutes. Refreshments provided by the Mount MAA and ACM Student Chapters.

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