UMBC Conference

For the better part of the last 20 years, UMBC has hosted an annual Undergraduate Research Conference. This event exclusively highlights the undergraduate research in the biology, chemistry, and biochemistry fields. This year the event had a total of 286 presentations from roughly 600 students. Out of the 600 students, the Mount sent 6 representatives. These representatives included Sarah Bonson, Matt Koury, Jacqueline Rowan, Shannon Zavetz, Katherine Rollins, and Thomas Ulrey. These 6 students did all of their research under mentors Dr. Kreke and Dr. McCauslin.

The students from the Mount were able to present a wide variety of topics ranging from methods of constructing blood vessels to the synthesis of both Methyl and Ethyl Benzoate. The Mount was easily able to hold its own against competing programs. Jacqueline Rowan summarized the Mount’s representation saying, “I definitely feel as if the Mount compared to other schools’ research. I felt completely confident in my work and confident in all the other Mount students who attended.” Sarah Bonson added, “The Mount’s posters were neat, organized, and well-presented. All of the Mount students did a great job of answering questions and confidently talking about all of their hard work.” Students spend hours every week in the labs. It is great to see hard work being recognized by Mount students and their peers.

Research conferences are a great outlet for students to be able to showcase their hard work. Shannon Zavetz, who attended the conference for the first time, stated, “I really liked going to the conference and was glad I had the opportunity to present my research.” The Mount not only had several students present at the conference, we also had a first place presentation. Sarah Bonson placed first in the research conference for her presentation “Microwave Measurement of Micelles in Nonpolar Solvents”. The School of Natural Science and Mathematics are incredibly proud of all of the students who were able to represent the Mount! And we wish them continued success in their studies and research.