The Women in Science has been a prevalent part of the School of Natural Science and Mathematics for quite some time. However, on August 25, the Women in Science changed their name to the Women in STEM. The group wanted to open up their membership to include women from all, STEM which stands for (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) fields. This encompasses all majors within the School of Natural Science and Mathematics. The Women in STEM organization allows undergraduates to find faith in themselves through their vocation in science, their community, and the values instilled in them at Mount St. Mary’s University. The Women in STEM are able to host many different events throughout the year that are able to raise money for various charities. They also have their own section of residence life housing, which give the members an opportunity to live in a living-learning community. The Women in STEM organization is filled with members who accomplish a lot during their Mount careers and beyond.

There are currently 91 members of the Women in STEM program. Leading these 91 women is faculty advisor Dr. Kula as well as student leaders; Brooke Adolfo as President, Jacqueline Rowan as Vice President, Sachi Shah as Secretary, Ash Gogineni as Treasurer and Frances Stump as the Member at Large. The Women in STEM does a lot for women within the STEM programs to better themselves within their community. When asked what the Women in STEM hope to accomplish this year, President Brooke Adolfo said “I want this group of girls to help each other to get through the demanding workload of the STEM classes but also have time to have fun and enjoy being with one another outside of the classroom.” Brooke hopes to accomplish this in several different ways. She wants to encourage the girls to be more involved with clubs on campus outside of Women in STEM. She additionally wants to get the group involved in some team building activities, and hopefully even group core or service trips. This semester, as always, the Women in STEM will be holding their annual bake sale as well. With the new name change, outstanding leadership, and continued progress of our students, the Women in STEM is taking a lot of steps forward in the right direction. The future looks very bright for the Women in STEM organization, and the School of Natural Science and Mathematics is very proud of all of its members.