Five Summer Research Internship Program (SRIP) awards were given to students for Summer 2014. This award allows students to work with a faculty member on a project during the summer months. Following the completion of their project, the student must present their research at the SPARC Festival the following academic year or at an off-campus conference. Students are also required to write a reflection on their summer research project, which will be submitted to the Dean. The following students received an award and they have been paired with a faculty mentor:

Dahyana Arias - Dr. Jen Staiger
Angel Gaona - Dr. Chris Bradley
Christiana Burke - Dr. Dana Ward
TJ Warshel - Dr. Katy Dye
Gregory Fultz - Dr. Dana Ward

This SRIP exists because of several generous benefactors who have made and continue to make donations to this distinctive program. These outstanding alumni, whose names are listed below, feel strongly about "giving back" to the University which blessed them so richly and they recognize the importance of the undergraduate research experience.

Dr. William P. Beierschmitt
Dr. John A. Bruno, Jr.
Dr. Lawrence E. Donato, Jr.
Dr. William R. Gaver
Dr. Daniel G. Muldoon
Mr. J. Anthony Rose
Dr. Mark S. Sobus, PhD, JD
Dr. and Mrs. William Ward, Jr.