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Over 40 8th grade students from the Mother Seton School travelled to Mount Saint Mary's to enjoy a day of science. The SNSM supported this day by providing activities for the students to participate in that would expand their knowledge into the world of science. Both students and faculty contributed to this learning experience by holding presentations and experiments for the 8th graders. The students learned about polymers, bones and muscles, and even had the opportunity to create GAK which is a cross between putty and jell-o. The students also learned about the profession of psychology from our very own psychology professors.

Our wish is that the students enjoyed their day of science and we hope to host the Mother Seton School students again in the future!

Faith in Psychology hosted a speaker, Dr. Margaret Laracy, to discuss the topic of "Faith in the Professional World of Psychology". She spoke about how her Catholic faith has shaped her career as a practicing psychologist, both as a professional in the working world and clinically as a psychologist. There was a great turn out for this event in Laughlin Auditorium!

Dr. Laracy is pictured above with two students who attended the event. She is currently in private practice at Vital Sources in Frederick, MD and is part-time assistant professor at the Institute for the Psychological Sciences in Arlington, VA.

3 faculty and 16 students from the Psychology department attended the Eastern Psychological Association (EPA) convention in Boston, MA this past weekend. The EPA is meant to advance the science and profession through the dissemination of professional information about the field of Psychology. A meeting is held once a year for members and it welcomes psychologists from all fields across the discipline. Two of our Psychology students, Amanda Lane and Alex Bahr, had the privilege of presenting their posters to other attendees. The group treated themselves to a nice dinner at Fire & Ice, a Mongolian barbeque restaurant.

Amanda Lane EPA

Alex Bahr EPA


Two psychology students, Alexandra Bahr and Amanda Lane, will present their senior research projects at the Eastern Psychological Association meeting. This meeting is held in Boston, MA, on March 13-16. A summary of their research projects is included below.

A Walk Down Memory Lane: The Effects of Music-Evoked Nostalgia Versus Nostalgia Alone on Pain Tolerance
Alexandra Bahr, Kristy Hamilton, Jon Slezak (faculty)
Alexandra Bahr
Undergraduate students underwent the cold pressor test in a repeated-measures design. While submerging their hand in cold water, participants either listened to their self-chosen familiar music selection (music condition), responded to a nostalgia-invoking prompt (nostalgia condition), or did not listen to music or respond to a prompt (control condition). It was predicted that when participants listened to familiar, self-chosen music, or when they were prompted to recall nostalgic memories, they would exhibit a higher pain tolerance than in a control condition with no stimulation. Both the nostalgia and music condition yielded significantly higher pain tolerance measures than the control condition.
Attitudinal and Behavioral Measures of Helping Behavior Towards Homosexuals
Amanda Lane
Amanda Lane
Sexual bias was studied by comparing behavioral and attitudinal responses. It was hypothesized that residents would help the heterosexual confederate more so than the homosexual. The second hypothesis was that participants would self-report giving more help to the heterosexual than to the homosexual and give less help when a valid excuse could justify their behavior. The hypothesis for Part 1 was not supported. Part 2 found opposite significance.

Psychology students presented their semester research projects this week in the COAD Science building. Their research topics ranged from Immigrant Label and Terror Management Theory Effects on Attitudes to A Content Analysis of Victoria's Secret Catalogs. These posters will be displayed in the COAD Science building.

Other topics include: Tattoo Placement as a Response to Emotional Events, Helping Behavior Towards Transgender People, and Therapists and Professionals: Who is More Stressed?

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