Thanks to the generosity of several donors, four students had the unparalleled opportunity to conduct original, professional-level research under the mentorship of Science Department faculty. The students were the recipients of Summer Research Internship Program (SRIP) awards in the form of stipends that allowed them to dedicate their summer to research rather than a mundane summer job. The awards were made possible by donations to the Dean's Fund for Excellence. Faculty were able to advance their research and students gained valuable training and experience that will help them get into medical school and graduate school or land a job after graduation. We are very grateful to all those who support the Dean's Fund for Excellence.

Dr. staiger and student

Dahyana Arias and Dr. Jen Staiger, Biology
Examining the molecular mediators of HMGB1 signaling in rat glioma cells

Dr. Bradley and Jordan DeSilva

Jordan DeSilva and Dr. Chris Bradley, Chemistry
Synthesis of a Super Bulky N-Heterocyclic Carbene and Its Reactivity with Transitional Metals

Dr. McCauslin and student

Brad Shenberger and Dr. Christine McCauslin, Biology
Transcriptional regulation in response to ischemic shock and inflammation

Dr. Dye and student

Jessica Boegner and Dr. Katy Dye, Biology
Induction of the unfolded protein response by Ebolavirus - a qPCR array investigation