Laura The Psychology Department was pleased to have Laura Fenaroli, '08, be the final "First Friday Alum" for the academic year! Laura told the students and faculty about her path to her current position (Senior Business Development Analyst, Distributed Energy Division, with Constellation Energy), and how she uses her psychology degree every day. Laura was part of the team that built the solar farm on the east campus, and has been steadily advancing at Exelon (Constellation's parent company). Thank you Laura!

Dr. Robert Keefer explains that the program called “First Friday Alums” is aimed to connect students with alumni. “I tried to get different alumni to come on the first Friday of each month (that we were in classes). In this ‘start up’ year, I did not succeed in having someone for every First Friday, but I thought the program was successful. Each alum was asked about the ‘path’ they had taken to their current position, and (hopefully) how psychology helped them in their career. They had no trouble with this task, many even naming specific courses that were helpful (usually, statistics!).”