Escape the Room 1

Dr. Melanie Butler, came up with a novel way for her Differential Equations class students to review their material: create an Escape Room! In this scenario Dr. Dye had recently been conducting research, when she accidentally discovered the cure for a zombie apocalypse. To keep her discovery safe, she asked her colleague Dr. Heinold to protect the antidote. He hid it in a safe place, and encrypted it through differential equations, only allowing it to be unlocked using a password. After Dr. Heinold hid the antidote, everyone’s worst nightmares came true as a zombie apocalypse took over Mount St. Mary’s campus. Luckily, COAD Room 125 was spared, and Dr. Butler’s class was able to help unveil the password.

Escape the Room 2

                The class frantically searched around the classroom for any and all clues (differential equations) they could find. Once the clues were found, the students had to solve the equation in order to reveal the password. The students quickly found the clues, though a few of them were trickier to find than others. After the students worked tirelessly to solve the equations, they finally revealed Dr. Heinold’s password “Math is Awesome”! The secret was out! Thankfully, the Mount was able to avoid a zombie apocalypse thanks to Dr. Butler’s Differential Equations class.

Escape the Room