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Natural Science and Mathematics Blog

Date: Nov 2016

Dr. Bradley

Dr. Christopher Bradley, Associate Professor of Chemistry, is the recipient of a $70,000 grant award from the American Chemical Society’s Petroleum Research Fund that will allow him and several undergraduate students to continue a line of research that Dr. Bradley began three years ago with a similar award. Part of the funds will be used for stipends for chemistry students to stay on campus during the summer to participate in this research project. Dr. Bradley elaborated on the grant stating, “The grant will support up to nine different students pursuing summer research from 2017-2020. The students will be exposed to a range of equipment and techniques in our chemistry labs and facilities that will prepare them well for futures in graduate school or in industrial labs.” He added that, “Students will also have the chance to network at ACS national meetings and learn further about careers and graduate programs in chemistry.”

Dr. Bradley’s team is designing new catalyst molecules composed of a large carbon-based molecule and a heavy metal atom. Catalysts are compounds that speed up chemical reactions so they are essential in the chemical manufacturing and petroleum industries. The hope for Dr. Bradley and his team is, “to transition this chemistry to less expensive metals and reduce harsh temperatures and conditions needed for the reactions to proceed.”


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