Four Mount professors have teamed up to demonstrate one successful approach in a new article in the Journal of Microbiology and Biology Education. The article, "Inquiry-Based Learning: Inflammation as a Model to Teach Molecular Techniques for Assessing Gene Expression," was authored by Science Department faculty Drs. Kathryn (Gunn) Dye, Christine Seitz McCauslin, Jennifer Staiger, and Dana (Pirone) Ward. The article describes a successful approach to teaching molecular biology laboratory techniques.

Dr. Katy Dye comments on the article and successful collaboration with her colleagues, "This article is the result of great collaboration. Dana Ward, Jen Staiger, Christine McCauslin, and I have worked hard the last several years to make our annual summer biotechnology course a success, and we wanted to share the curriculum that we developed with other biology educators. We're excited to see it published, and we're already planning our next article! Work is enjoyable when you have great colleagues."