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Date: Jan 2014

Dr. Simmons, Dean of the School of Natural Science and Mathematics, was mentioned in an article in the Frederick News Post yesterday. The article was about how scientists are concerned about the type of salt being used to melt snow on our roads and how it might be affecting our environment. In 2010, Maryland implemented a statewide salt management program in hopes of limiting the amount of salt applied to roads. The concern about how salt is affecting the environment involves the salinity of waterways increasing to an unsafe level. Too much salinity in these waterways can affect animals in a negative way.

Read the full article here

Two psychology students, Alexandra Bahr and Amanda Lane, will present their senior research projects at the Eastern Psychological Association meeting. This meeting is held in Boston, MA, on March 13-16. A summary of their research projects is included below.

A Walk Down Memory Lane: The Effects of Music-Evoked Nostalgia Versus Nostalgia Alone on Pain Tolerance
Alexandra Bahr, Kristy Hamilton, Jon Slezak (faculty)
Alexandra Bahr
Undergraduate students underwent the cold pressor test in a repeated-measures design. While submerging their hand in cold water, participants either listened to their self-chosen familiar music selection (music condition), responded to a nostalgia-invoking prompt (nostalgia condition), or did not listen to music or respond to a prompt (control condition). It was predicted that when participants listened to familiar, self-chosen music, or when they were prompted to recall nostalgic memories, they would exhibit a higher pain tolerance than in a control condition with no stimulation. Both the nostalgia and music condition yielded significantly higher pain tolerance measures than the control condition.
Attitudinal and Behavioral Measures of Helping Behavior Towards Homosexuals
Amanda Lane
Amanda Lane
Sexual bias was studied by comparing behavioral and attitudinal responses. It was hypothesized that residents would help the heterosexual confederate more so than the homosexual. The second hypothesis was that participants would self-report giving more help to the heterosexual than to the homosexual and give less help when a valid excuse could justify their behavior. The hypothesis for Part 1 was not supported. Part 2 found opposite significance.

The School of Natural Science and Mathematics is introducing a new degree path for students in Health Sciences. The purpose of this degree is to prepare students to work in health-focused careers, including nursing, physical therapy, or occupational therapy. This degree plan is designed to provide our students with critical thinking skills, effective oral and written communication skills and a strong ethical foundation in health sciences. Find out more...

Nicole Vanagas, an Honors Chemistry major, was recently awarded a $1,000 Eli Lilly travel award through the American Chemical Society (ACS). This travel award allows her to attend and present her project at the 2014 meeting in Dallas, TX in March. These grants are awarded to female graduate and undergraduate students who are attending and presenting their research for the first time at a national or international conference. Nicole will be presenting her Honors research project with Dr. Bradley, which deals with synthesis of new N-heterocylic carbene cobalt complexes.

For more information about the program, please visit the ACS website at

Dr. Chris Bradley, assistant professor of Chemistry, is featured on the American Chemical Society's (ACS) College to Career website. This profile of Dr. Bradley includes what his typical day consists of, his favorite ACS resource, and his best productivity trick. He also provides advice to college graduates about working as a Chemist. The purpose of this website is to provide assistance to recent or upcoming college graduates on pursuing a career in Chemistry.

Dr. Bradley's full profile can be found here:

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