ACS Call  ACS Kayser and Suchewski

Each year the ACS, American Chemical Society, holds two National meetings. These meetings typcally host 11,000-14,000 chemists, chemical engineers, students, and other professionals. With over 300 exhibits , the ACS National Meetings give individuals the chance to see leading-edge technological developments. They are bound to see state-of-the-art technologies, as well as cutting-edge research being done by professionals from across the country. This summer, Dr. Bradley and three research students, Zach Call C’17, Annie Kayser C’18, and Meagan Suchewski C’18 were able to attend this meeting in Philadelphia from August 21-25.
At the conference, Call presented his research project titled “Use of 2-substituted Indenyl Ligands to Access Reduced Bis(indenyl) Zirconium Complexes.” Kayser and Suchewski were able to collaborate together on their joint project titled “Integration of X-ray fluorescence Spectroscopy into Mount St. Mary’s Chemistry Lab Experiences.”
With such a large crowd in attendance, students have the opportunity to meet and network with other individuals in their field. “We presented to quite a few people,” Kayser commented, “The national meeting was overall a great way to network and get a feel for the world outside of school.”
The conference has a lot to offer those that attend. The presentations ranged from research on organic chemistry, to informative talks for undergraduate students. Call recalls the presentations he attended, “The talks on graduate school were very helpful, and probably my favorite part of the conference.” He continued, “It gives you a better understanding on what is needed in order to go to graduate school, as well as what to do while attending.”
The ACS National Meeting is a great venue for any undergraduate. The School of Natural Science and Mathematics is very proud that three of its students were able to attend. We hope students will continue to attend, and take advantage of the opportunities around them.