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Sport Management Course Descriptions

BUS 327 Introduction to Sport Management (3)
Offers students a look at the diverse, expanding field of sport and recreation. Designed to provide a comprehensive look at the basic organizational structures found in the sport industry. Students examine applications of managerial concepts and processes, and the ways in which organizations interact with each other and with the government.
Prerequisite: ECON 101 & 102.

BUS 328 Facility and Event Management (3)
An in-depth look at the practices, procedures and operations of major event and facility management, including planning, funding, and managing these events. The main focus of these principles is on sporting events and facilities, but these principles can be applied to many different areas, including corporate and social events.
Prerequisite: BUS 327 or permission of instructor. 

BUS 329 Business and Economics of Sports (3)
Students examine the economic relationships surrounding professional and intercollegiate sport in the United States. Students develop a business plan for a professional sport franchise and manage the franchise through a number of economic environments, including salary caps, revenue sharing, insurance contracts, expansion and stadium/arena financing. They obtain a greater understanding of the market forces that shape professional leagues, the factors that determine player compensation and the relationship between economic forces and competitive balance in professional sports. 
Prerequisites: ECON 101 and 102.

BUS 333 Sport Marketing and Communications (3)
An in-depth look at the marketing practices, procedures and operations of professional, college and recreational sport organizations and enterprises. The course also examines the relationships that exist between the media and sport organizations as well as the technology they use. Students refine their marketing skills by examining the ways in which sport marketing organizations exercise promotions, marketing research, sponsorships and fund raising in the sport industry.
Prerequisite: BUS 313

BUS 335 Sport Law (3)
A presentation of the basic legal system, its terminology, and principles as applied to professional and amateur sport. Emphasis is on identifying and analyzing legal issues, the ramifications of those issues, and the means of limiting the liability of sport organizations.

BUS 336 International Sport Management (3)
An examination of several transformational forces in the world today: the end of communism, the global economy, the electronic village, and their impact on management within the sport industry. This course investigates the positive and negative effects that globalization has had on sport and, in turn, the positive and negative effects that the sport industry has had on the global community and how sport management professionals address these issues.
Prerequisite: BUS 327 or permission of instructor. 

BUS 395 Program Development and Implementation: Special Olympics (3)
An in-depth study of program planning and implementation as applied to a non-profit sport organization: Special Olympics. Students will learn the processes of sport event program planning on a community-wide basis. The course discusses practical applications of event and program planning, promotion, evaluation, equipment and facility use, program budgeting, and staffing considerations, including volunteer recruitment and retention, and much more. Special Olympics serves as a real- world, practical illustration of how these program planning and event management principles are put into practice. Students will gain valuable hands-on experience throughout this course and have a unique opportunity to apply concepts while earning course credit through various practica and internships associated with the Special Olympics Fall Festival on the Mount campus.(Preference is given to Sport Management majors)

BUS 424 Management and Leadership in Sports Organizations (3)
An in-depth look at management and leadership theories and practices as they relate to sport organizations. Provides students with a solid foundation in research and application of human resource management and leadership principles for success in the sport industry.
Prerequisite: BUS 307 or permission of instructor. 

BUS 440 Ethics in Sport Management (3)
Our complex and rapidly changing environment imposes new demands on managers of sport organizations. Increased pressure to address ethical issues is one of the new demands. While there is no simple prescription describing how ethical issues should be dealt with, the purpose of this course is to indicate how managers can more effectively address them. Current issues, ethical dilemmas in the sport environment, organizational responsibility and professional ethics will be discussed. The course provides some essential components of the student’s management tool kit—theories, concepts, models and techniques to use in managing ethical dilemmas.
Prerequisite: BUS 327 and BUS 335 or permission of instructor. 

BUS 441 Sport Management Policy (3)
This capstone course in the sport management major addresses the strategic direction of sport organizations, and how such strategic directions can be most effectively implemented. To make these decisions, managers must accurately assess threats and opportunities in the organization’s environment and the organization’s strengths and weaknesses. The models and perspectives to be reviewed are particularly relevant to the environment in which sport organizations currently find themselves; this is an environment that is changing at an unprecedented pace and in which accepted approaches for managing are changing quickly and dramatically.
Prerequisites: BUS 327, 329, 335, 440. 

BUS 450 Coaching Effectiveness (3)
This is a course designed to introduce students to effective coaching behaviors and practices to improve coaching effectiveness. Emphasis will be placed on the learning and development of management, leadership, team building, and communication, goal-setting and motivational skills. Students will also learn skills necessary to successfully manage athletes’ challenges and confidence levels.

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