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Information Systems Course Descriptions

IFSY 228 Discrete Mathematics (3)

Basic techniques and methods of reasoning for discrete problem solving. Topics include induction, set theory, elementary combinatorics, graph theory and applied algebra. Applications to computer science are emphasized. Prerequisite: MATH 101/102 or placement by department. (Same as CSCI and MATH 228. (Spring)

IFSY 340 Operating Environments (3)

Studies the technical foundations of computer systems including hardware architecture, system software, networking designs, data communications and applications software. The course explores the implications of technical choices for system development. Prerequisites: BUS/IFSY 311. (Fall)

IFSY 355 Database (3) 

Presents a study of the design, organization and implementation of database systems. Topics include file organization and processing; data modeling; CASE tools; relational and object oriented databases; SQL; and, dynamic web design. Prerequisite: BUS/IFSY 311  (Fall)

IFSY 390 E-Commerce (3)

Investigates the use of computer networks such as the Internet to perform various business activities. Students will be taught how to design an e-commerce web site. Students will learn HTML coding and will be introduced to other Web technologies such as CCS, XML, and Javascript. Prerequisite: BUS/IFSY 311. (As needed)

IFSY 395 Systems Analysis and Design (3)

Studies structured systems development. Emphasis is on documenting and analyzing current systems as well as designing new systems using logical methodologies. Students are encouraged to use this course to formulate a topic for their senior project. Prerequisites: BUS/IFSY 311. (Fall)

IFSY 410 Accounting Information Systems (3)

A systems approach to accounting information with emphasis on computer-based accounting information systems (AIS). Includes technical aspects of AIS, transaction cycles, system development and implementation, internal control, and auditing in a computer environment. Prerequisites: ACCT 101. (Same as IFSY 410.) (Spring)

IFSY 475 Senior Project (3) 

Students organize into teams to design an information system. Teams must submit a detailed proposal to the instructor the first week of class. Students are encouraged to use IFSY 395 to identify a topic. The final deliverable for the project consists of a methodological approach that analyzes the information needs of an organization and designs a new or improved information system. Prerequisite: IFSY 395. (Spring)

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