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Government Contracting Certificate Courses

When accepted into the program, a student may earn a graduate certificate in government contracting by successfully completing the following five courses:
Please refer to course descriptions for prerequisites.


MBA 605    Legal Considerations in Contracting (3 credits)

MBA 606    Intermediate Cost and Price Analysis (3 credits)

MBA 607    Source Selection and Administration of Service Contracts (3 credits)

MBA 608    Contract Administration and Negotiation Techniques in a Supply Environment (3 credits)

MBA 609    Contracting for Decision Makers (3 credits)

MBA and Government Contracting Certificate

Students wishing to earn an MBA degree must also successfully complete the following courses (22 academic credits):
 Please refer to course descriptions for prerequisites.

MBA 503   Financial Reporting and Control (3 credits)

MBA 504   Global Business and Economics (3 credits)

MBA 506   Quantitative and Statistical Methods for Managers (3 credits)

MBA 509   Financial Analysis (3 credits)

MBA 516   Organization Theory and Management Practice (3 credits)

MBA 519   Strategic Analysis and Decision Making (4 credits)

MBA 536   Business Ethics and Social Responsibility (3 credits)

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