Dr Larrivee with students
The Mount St. Mary's University - Richard J. Bolte, Sr. School of Business announces it was awarded a grant from the Charles Koch Foundation to fund two student research fellowships.
The Mount's Dr. John Larrivee, associate Professor of Economics submitted the proposal to the Charles Koch Foundation outlining his research on how economic systems affect people. "The grant will support scholarship in the Bolte School and will enrich student learning opportunities," said Dr. Larrivee. "The student fellows will conduct advanced work in economics that will go beyond learning that occurs in the classroom."
Mount Business students David Nixdorf '13 and Scott Varga '13 will aid Dr. Larrivee by reviewing the work of economists and philosophers whose vision shaped the alternative economic regimes of the 20th century, and then study what actually happened in those countries: the U.S.S.R., Poland, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Germany, Italy and China.In addition to this, Scott will focus on theoretical writings, given his political science background. Scott is studying several works by the Communist Party of the U.S.S.R.: Fundamentals of Political Science, and The Fundamentals of Marxist-Leninist Philosophy. He will also review academic studies that focus on personal accounts of life in these countries.
The Charles Koch Foundation provides grants for the support of research and education programs at nearly 230 colleges and universities throughout the U.S. that analyze the impact of free societies, and in particular how they advance the well-being of mankind. For more information on this project, contact Dr. John Larrivee at larrivee@msmary.edu.