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Prof. Mike Barry in front of burnt out building in UkraineI got a consulting assignment for part of the Ukrainian government. They flew me to Kiev, and I spent time talking about my research. I also am working with American firms interested in various projects in Ukraine.

 I had an article on Russia-Ukraine natural gas trade published in an English-language journal and then in another Russian journal available througout the former Soviet Union. It was a mathematical modelling of the macroeconomic effects of Russia ever shutting off Ukraine's gas supply. 

Mike Barry with the Chairman of the People's Democratic Party of UkraineNow with the current crisis in Ukraine,  that scenario is real. So my paper caught interest.  I was teamed up with people in the Ministry of Finance, the Rada parliament, and one of the political parties here. 

 Definitely interesting for me, and has great perspectives for future research and consulting assignments. Proud to be showing them my Mount credentials and our website, etc.

 Anyway, attached here are pictures with the Chairman of the People's Democratic Party of Ukraine. She was a presidential candidate in 2010 and a possible future one. She is the person I most closely work with. 

Also is a picture of Maidan square where over 100 protesters were gunned down. Very sad sights.

Prof. Mike Barry in Ukraine

Michael Barry, Ph.D., is a professor of economics and law at Mount St. Mary's University. He just returned from Moscow, Russia, after presenting research at an economic conference on Ukraine, and lecturing at Moscow State University and the Russian School of Economics. Dr. Barry shared his thoughts as he watched the crisis in Ukraine and Russia unfold.

Professor Mike Barry

Like you, I am following the events in Ukraine with interest. I read the online versions of the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, The Frederick News Post, and other papers. I see the same news most Americans are probably reading, and I am saddened by the Russian incursion into an independent neighbor. I believe it is a violation of international law.

"The USA is to Blame for the Uprising in Ukraine!" -- Nezavisimaya Gazeta, March 2, 2014

Because U.S. news outlets are available to everyone, I thought I'd share some headlines and perspective from the Russian media....Click here to read more.

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