Justin Byram, a sophomore at the Mount, scored an internship with the Baltimore Orioles for the summer. He was able to gain experience and knowledge in many different departments from accounting, facilities management, security, game day operations, and more.  The internship also allowed for him to attend meetings that showed him Camden Yards accommodates more than just baseball games. 

The meetings Justin attended were to plan public events going on in the stadium and the surrounding area.  He was also appointed to take the lead in a recycling project.  Justin was required to conduct a case study on how people prefer to recycle.  After getting the results, he changed the locations of the recycling bins to make it more convenient for the fans.  The experience he learned in leadership and learning the logistics of a professional stadium all around was a valuable one and something that cannot be taught in the classroom.

“What I learned was what it takes to succeed in the sports industry, and I got a firsthand look at what a day to day job entails in the sports industry. The experience helped me better understand my career preferences and will help me in my studies as I complete my sport management major.”