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CBS Senior Vice President Hazel-Ann Mayers called on Mount St. Mary’s seniors to be ethical members of the business world in her guest speech at the university’s annual Ethics Pledge Signing on Apr. 16.  Mayers, who also acts as CBS’ Assistant General Counsel, Litigation and Chief Compliance Officer, discussed the role of ethics in the modern workplace and talked about her own experience of maintaining authenticity in the corporate world.

“I stand before you today as someone who works in corporate America, can sleep at night and still look in the mirror and like what she sees,” Mayers said.

The speech was a part of the Richard J Bolte, Sr. School of Business’ Ethics Pledge event, held in Knott Auditorium. This year’s version marked the first time that seniors of all undergraduate majors, not just business, were allowed to read and sign the pledge.

Speakers included Provost David Rehm., Dean of the School of Business Karl Einolf, senior student Lauren Brown and Mayers. Each offered students advice for becoming responsible and productive members of the business world.

Mayers spent much of her speech reinforcing the need for individuality, and shared that, for a long time in her career, she felt that she couldn’t be “authentic Hazel.” She credits a mentor with encouraging her to be herself.

“As you enter your professional lives, you need to be comfortable being just you,” she said.

The guest speaker explained that her job involves reviewing allegations of company violations, disciplining employees and making changes to ethical procedures. Mayers believes that one can still be ethical in the modern workplace by navigating challenges properly.

“I am still very much Hazel-Ann, the little girl who grew up in Brooklyn and Queens, the first generation daughter of immigrants from Barbados,” she said.

After Mayers finished her presentation Brown led the senior class in reading the ethics pledge. Seniors were invited to sign the pledge and received a pen for their commitment to ethics.


George Borst C’70 took a step back in the same business classrooms he graduated from 45 years ago to share some of his own experiences in business with Mount students. Borst served as Toyota Financial Services (TFS) Regional CEO for 11 years and had a wealth of information to share with students.  Discussions in Business Policy and Society classes ranged from simply starting out in search of a career to the advanced topics of ethical behavior in the workplace.  Shannon Greene C’15 said, “Mr. Borst stressed corporate social responsibility and volunteering in the workplace as well as a discussion on the transition from college to corporate as budding young business people.”

George BorstBorst had varying messages for the different classes he attended but the overall the message Borst had for students stressed finding your own path but also how to address ethics in an environment where no one comes from the same ethical or moral background. Along with ethical standards Borst concluded by encouraging the young business minds in the classes to give back. Borst’s own philanthropic pursuits are not limited to monetary terms; he volunteers his time as well. Bringing Toyota Financial Services' philanthropic efforts to new heights during his time with the company, Borst ensured the company practiced what they espoused.

After leading TFS out of the early millennium and into the past decade, Borst currently serves as executive advisor to the CEO on global issues in operational and financial decisions. During his time with TFS, Borst led the company through numerous crises including global recession, unprecedented automobile recalls, and the 2011 earthquake and tsunami in northeastern Japan which wiped out many of Toyota’s suppliers. Though the company faced many hardships, it became the nation's largest captive finance company during Borst's leadership.

Prof Lowenthal
Gary Lowenthal, co-founder and former CEO of The Boyds Collection Ltd., spent two days in September at the Bolte School as an Executive in Residence. He enjoyed the experience so much that he will come back in the spring to teach a semester-long course in Entrepreneurship.
As Executive in Residence, Mr. Lowenthal spoke to students in the classroom about his "Ten Secrets of Entrepreneurship" that will be the topic of an upcoming book. Mr. Lowenthal also talked to business executives and community leaders at a Business Community Forum Dinner sponsored by the Bolte School's BB&T Center for the Study of the Moral Foundations of Capitalism....Click here to read more.
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