Prof Lowenthal
Gary Lowenthal, co-founder and former CEO of The Boyds Collection Ltd., spent two days in September at the Bolte School as an Executive in Residence. He enjoyed the experience so much that he will come back in the spring to teach a semester-long course in Entrepreneurship.
As Executive in Residence, Mr. Lowenthal spoke to students in the classroom about his "Ten Secrets of Entrepreneurship" that will be the topic of an upcoming book. Mr. Lowenthal also talked to business executives and community leaders at a Business Community Forum Dinner sponsored by the Bolte School's BB&T Center for the Study of the Moral Foundations of Capitalism. Students in the Bolte School's Marketing Club had the opportunity to learn more details about Mr. Lowenthal's experiences in product promotion. The students then returned the favor by helping Mr. Lowenthal with a plan to use social media to promote his future book.
In the spring the Bolte School's inaugural Executive in Residence, now known as Professor Lowenthal, will teach a semester-long course in Entrepreneurship centered around his "Ten Secrets of Entrepreneurship." The course will explore the many dimensions of new venture creation and will encourage students to think about how to best bring an idea for a business to successful fruition. The course will be perfect for a student who has an existing desire to become an entrepreneur or who plans to work in a startup or entrepreneurial-minded company after graduation.
After a short career at Bloomingdale's department store in New York City, Mr. Lowenthal and his wife, Justina, left the corporate world to start a small antique business in Boyds, Maryland. Over the course of 20 years, he guided the business into the gift and decorative accessory market and built the company into one of the most creative and financially successful giants in the industry. In 1997, Mr. Lowenthal successfully negotiated the sale of his business to a private equity firm based in New York. In 1998, The Boyds Collection Ltd. went public on The New York Stock Exchange with a market capitalization in excess of one billion dollars.
Mr. Lowenthal, with the help of his wife and children, is currently involved in guiding his family's investments and the family's charitable foundation, the ARK (Acts of Random Kindness) Foundation. He also consults and lectures on a number of business issues. He is an enthusiastic outdoorsman, enjoying bow hunting, fishing, farming, kayaking and biking.