In 1997, the Trinitarian Sisters of Philadelphia created the Inn Dwelling Program to empower the most marginalized families and children "begin the journey to self-sufficiency, social responsibility and upward mobility" under the leadership of Sr. Rosemarie Jefferson. Through a web of education, socialization, affordable housing, and career development programs, young people learn how to maximize their potential and find ways to contribute to society in meaningful ways.
This summer, Dr. Patrice Flynn led a spirited group of teens in a workshop on Catholic business ethics as part of an academic summer enrichment program on Ethics and Leadership. Eager to learn about the world of business, these bright students fully engaged in the practice of discovery about global capitalism and money, which was enlivening for all and a reminder of the power of education in community!
Dr. FLynn with a group of Inn Dwelling teens
Dr. Patrice Flynn, associate professor of business, and Inn Dwelling teens.