Mount students and faculty are getting ready to embark on a transcontinental, transoceanic adventure to the Russian Federation! First stop is Chelyabinsk in the beautiful Ural Mountains where Europe and Asia meet. The group will be hosted by the Mount's sister university, South Ural State University. Then onto the ancient capital of the Russian Empire, St. Petersburg along the Gulf of Finland.

This 12-day adventure through Eurasia will provide a unique opportunity for Mount students to explore Russian customs, business practices, urban life, and more.

The trip is anchored in a new course entitled, Global Business and Culture in Russia taught by Dr. Patrice Flynn, Associate Professor of Business and world traveler. Dr. Karl Einolf, Dean of the Bolte School of Business, will join the travelers on the first leg of the trip in Chelyabinsk.

Stay tuned!
Dr. Flynn