Dr. Davidson came to Mount St. Mary's College in 1991- 22 years ago- and quickly developed into a faculty member who is a living embodiment of our Catholic, liberal arts mission. Dr. Davidson's work in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility has become the bedrock of who we are as a School of Business. He taught us that "at the heart of the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility is the search for a value-driven life, a respect for others, the need for a constraint on greed, a putting aside of arrogance, and a pursuit of social justice."

Dr. Davidson's passion for CSR has left a lasting legacy for our students. He brought us the annual academic symposium on CSR in 1995. He implemented changes in the undergraduate Business major curriculum and in the MBA curriculum to include a mandatory CSR course requirement.

Dr. Davidson has been an accomplished teacher. His thirty years of experience as a marketing executive and his student-focused scholarly agenda enlivens his classroom. He has an incredible ability to deliver real-world experiences to our students. Dr. Davidson is a recognized scholar whose work in the area of Marketing and Corporate Social Responsibility is well respected by researchers in both fields.

Dr. Davidson has also generously served the university in many capacities including: Chair of the Department of Business, Accounting, and Economics; he served as Chair of the Faculty; he worked many years on TRAC (Tenure, Rank and Awards Committee); and he currently serves as our Morrison Professor for International Studies.